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Twelfth floor of of my business, five seventy five Lexington avenue goes. This whole floor is yours, and he looks at me. I'm like twenty two years old. I go. Yeah, this is how we run our business. He goes. What kind of business do you guys run? I know you wanted to hear about me, but what is this? It's an Email marketing business. Email marketing built all this, how much revenue guys do said thirty five million dollars goes, we totally totally missed the boat on Email says, we've been doing so well with paper mail. We'd never thought to get into Email and I knew was big. I didn't know is this big, the same thing's happening here. The big is in Email. Marketing are going to miss this and new big people knew big players are going to come in, and I think that's the that's the power of this. I love it. I think a for me, some of the main things were super excited. We've we're adding a technology to are actually to MD. It's gonna be rolling out here next couple of months. It's really one of the main reasons I wanted to have you on the show is to help people understand it's this, isn't I address the issues far is justified or is this something that's here to stay? So it's addressed that went, I. Okay. So that's a really good question. The thing that I try to ask myself is when I talk to my friends, do I use chatter Email if I'm using chat more and more gets an indication of something. If I think about what do I like using more chat apps like I message, which I use with my wife like Facebook messenger, which I use with my customers like slack, which us with our developers. If those are the fun ways that I joined gauging with people and Email is the place I feel like I have to go. Spec that feeling. I have to respect that this is what's in my bones, and this is an indication of the future. But I also want data. So went back to app, Annie app, Annie looks at all apps of people keep on their phones and what they're most engaging. And I saw that across the board for every age group, people are spending more time in messaging than they are in in Email except for people, Forty-five and older, which case Email has a slight advantage, but you can see it starting to wear out. So my feeling my experience is we're using chat more. The data's showing people are using chat more, especially younger people are using chat more than Email, and so we have to as business people say, are we going to be stock and say emails the only way to reach people or thank you. Know what? Email is a good way. It's working. Let's not get rid of it, but maybe the futures chat and let's jump on board. Now let's learn it. Let's develop our audience there. That's the future. So that's what I believe. I think chats the future. I think that's the part I liked the most is the personal aspect, and people are always asking as I don't want to get into situation where people are angry because I'm sending a messages and as a business, how many messages are too many, how do I make it personal still? So they still want to receive messages so they don't unsubscribe from me. What are what are the tips and tricks that you found that a business can use to actually still stay relevant and very authentic in messenger orange out now, before I answer that, I've got to ask you about the earphones, what are you wearing? What is. These are my favorites. These are phones ear buds, actually. This is a gift from Russell to our executive team, and it's Bentinck it's offense. Yes. The actual apple ear buds somehow red and blue. The clicks onnell's colors. That's correct..

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