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What was that like balancing being on a table at the view? But that also being a jerk. Analyst at ABC news. I say the view was an opportunity to discover muscles. I didn't know exist, and then flex those muscles. My first year. I was on the panel with with Whoopi and joy, and Michelle Collins and raven Simone, and it was a it was an uncomfortable position. Because and I'm not trying to make any excuses. But it was uncomfortable. Because I in the back of my mind, I'm not supposed to give a little clip Indian. But I wanna make sure that we're fair. And what is where representing at the table. It was always I felt like I was walking on a tight rope all the time because I didn't wanna say something that was going to ruin my reputation as a as a journalist. I always want to maintain my objectively. That's that's most important to me at the end of the day. So at the end of the year, I did it fulltime for a year along with working weekends. So I would go through that's a seven day week. Yeah. I would go literally twenty one day straight happened all the time. Three weeks without a day off. And I was so exhausted. After the end of the year just emotionally physically I said, listen something's gonna give. And I love Whoopie joy those ladies are legends. I mean to be able to work next to them and be part of such an iconic show always grateful for that. And to this day, I feel indebted night. Sometimes those pinch me moments where I can't believe I was part of a show like that for a very long time. So at the end of that year, I just said something kinda give can't because they didn't want me to step away from the weekend gig anchoring, good Morning, America. So I, you know, the compromise was to work on Fridays or pick up a couple of other days at addition. So then I started just pinch hitting the next two seasons, which was fine. It was great. And it was more balanced now that I've away from the view and good Morning, America weekends. I'm Monday through Friday. And I feel like I have a sense of normalcy. Just two x and I will never take that. For granted. Again. But I needed at at the end of the day. What was most important I needed to see my husband, most importantly, and my kids I didn't feel like I was missing out of my kids. But my husband works has but off during the week, and I've worked weekends the better part of seventeen years. So with we wanted to spend a day together. One of us had to take vacation day. And that's how it's been pretty much our whole marriage. So last summer, I started thinking about it. And I was like I I've got I've got to get off of this shift for the sake of my marriage. So that was you know, that in some, you know, other things that was really the impetus for asking them for this assignment to go Monday through Friday, which I'm very grateful for has there been a moment along the way where you felt like I've made it. No, I think if you're a high chief individual you never I say, I'm content, but I'm not complacent. I don't ever wanna be complacent. I think there's a difference between the two I think if you say that you've made it then you stop striving, and you stop learning and you stop achieving and you get complacent, and I always want to be in that space. I always want to be in. That mindset were I'm learning and I'm challenging myself. I'm pushing myself, and so I don't think I'll ever allow myself to say I've made it. Yes, I'm content so content and so grateful, but I'm not complacent. If someone told little Pala growing up in Michigan that she would be on good Morning America every day. What would she thought? I don't know. But weirdly, my nickname growing up was Paula twenty questions..

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