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Problem reporter, and it stands and starts out at the border. We can we can do five making the countries in helping the countries for their sleeve from better. So they don't want to leave in the first place and was working was cut. All that money. Wasn't working. No, it wasn't working. That's nonsense. We've we've had this crisis for a long time. It's just gotten worse because once the courts started ruling against the Trump administration's attempt to enforce people started just coming. In mass because they thought they could Biden's kidding himself. And I hope people don't play into this because he was a Senator since nineteen seventy two a recall colony plan. He's put forth that said this is how we're going to repair it right unaccompanied minors. Yo they ended up without governors mayors, even knowing if they ended up in school systems all across the country in two thousand eleven and they ended up in the poor communities. They can ill afford to take ten or fifteen kids who don't speak English into their classrooms. Governor Rick Scott, governor Cuomo of people didn't even know it. Well, and I find it interesting. You know, the president talked about sending them to the sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. And he got a lot of criticism. I thought it was a great idea because they're the ones who are saying. We'll take them all we don't care. Well, fine, load them up. Take them to Nancy Pelosi's neighborhood in San Francisco and say here you go question. If people are surveilling you and following you around recording it and sending people up to you to elicit information. Are they spying of? Course, they're spying. And I'm shocked at Christopher Wray even tried to nuance that word yesterday before congress. I it's a frightening situation that we're facing when you have government agencies violating the civil liberties of citizens, and I don't understand why we don't have more liberals more civil libertarians more ACLU people who are not screaming bloody murder at the abuse of power. Because the fact is they don't care as long as it's happening to Republicans. But they need to think about this. If there if it can happen to Republicans or conservatives are Christians it can happen to them, and it will happen to them. They better wake up and start screaming loudly when FBI agents conduct investigations against alleged mobsters, suspected terrorists other criminals. Do you believe that they're engaging in spine? That's not the term. I would use are lots of people have different colloquial phrases. I believe that the F B is engaged in investing. Native activity and part of investigative activity includes surveillance activity of different shapes and sizes and to me the key question is making sure that it's done by the book consistent with our lawful. Authority. Well, that's the problem Brian. It hasn't been done by the book and lawful. Authority. When you get phony information to get a FIS a warrant in order to spy on a presidential candidate and his campaign and his family, and then you entrapped people like George popadopoulos and try to go after guys like Carter page. That's no longer just a lawful pursuit to go. After criminals, that's an attempt first of all to commit a conspiracy. Secondly to cover it up and Thirdly, the point of which was to virtually stage, a Kuta tot of a campaign and ultimately unelected president James Comey said now we'll hear this for the first time together at FOX and friends he was on CBS. I don't know why wouldn't come on FOX and friends. I don't know if we call them or not cut twenty six attorney general says he believes spying occurred looking after the president's van campaign when you think about that. I have no idea what he's talking about. The FBI. Doesn't spy the FBI investigate. It's we investigated a very serious allegation that Americans might be hooked up with the Russian effort to attack our democracy. Their public has need to breathe into a paper bag if we had confronted the same facts with a different candidates say a democrat candidate. We're one of their visors was talking to a foreign adversaries Representative about that adversaries interference in our election. They would be screaming for the FBI investigating. That's all we did. So the debate is a semantic one was investigating into the Trump campaign, but you're sending they had caused to and you just wouldn't use the word spa, of course. And just people just thought to look at the Predication for the opening of that investigation. We should have been fired. If we didn't investigate this fascinating. He's he's inviting the analysis. He's saying if you knew what I knew you would have done the same thing governor Huckabee, I'm glad he's saying that because now he's given him on Bill bar open invitation to go, and let's run this to ground. Let's see where it started. And I think what we're going to find is that there was nine million. We all know about that pay GPS, but the Hillary campaign and the DNC that's got the ball rolling. You had all of this investigative effort going. You had the text messages between struck and page that clearly indicate absentee land. Yeah. A terrific plan to make sure that Trump didn't get elected because after all they could smell those voters that the WalMart and member steel made an effort to get his information out, which was unfair before the election. Yeah. This is a British spy. Here's James Clapper. Just to cut the end this. You'll listen for the for the first time we had Komi way in we the current FBI director way in said, it's not spine. James Clapper, using undercover agents is a standard and legitimate technique that is widely used in investigations that technique has been used to thwart a lot of counterterrorism plots in this country. So I'm sure I mean, there are protocols and standards standards for using. A an agent, and I'm sure that's the case here. It's mine. Well, I guess it missed me. Definitely the dictionary definition of spa of surveillance or spying a term. I don't stick. We like to bed director of national intelligence or you were for eight years. And he said it was spying. Maybe he ought to get together with Komi and some of these other guys and say, let's get our act together. Chris raid James Comey, because I say spying, you say, you know, investigations and surveillance, but it's the same thing when you look at private information, and you do it in a clandestine manner of a private United States citizen, and when that citizen then becomes a candidate and a nominee and ultimately a president. We're talking about a corruption at the highest levels of US government. The appropriate thing is to sit down with him and or Rudy Giuliani. Chris Christie, Jeff Sessions, all of whom had been US attorneys and say we are. Concerned sixteen in two thousand sixteen when this first started coming out and say we have some concerns that that your guy or some of his associates might have some collusion with the Russians. Let's get to the bottom of it together. That would have been the appropriate thing to do. But they didn't do that look in order to even investigate you need to have probable cause. You can't just say we're interested in Brian Kilmeade. We want to find out what we can find out on this guy. So we're just gonna go and turn his life upside down you have to have probable cause or otherwise it's a violation of the fifth amendment. So the last two or they said, well, you know, manifold those eastern European ties. It was Paul Manafort was high because it was for free. Yeah. He did head Reagan Nixon on his resume, and they will confer replacement of dow- ski it's not because of his to Russia had nothing to do with Rudy Giuliani. Who knows James Komi would have ended this right away. And he might have said, hey, hey, Donald come on in you. James, derrick. What Paul manafort's been doing Ukraine? Yeah. I don't even need them. Anyway, whatever the guy was out in three months. He did not get it off with President Trump Trump. He told him one of Paul Manafort insights, were we gotta get you off television, Donald Trump. He's like, okay, you can go to the back of the plane. Well, people need to remember Manafort was brought in specifically to manage through the convention course, because he understood that and he knew how to get the delegates to be faithful and loyal and to maintain to get that number where on first ballot. Donald Trump is going to nominate in wouldn't be a brokered convention like Ted Cruz, and John casick, we're trying to pull off they lost Manafort successfully managed that convention process. And then basically he was done. Yeah. Governor Huckabee is going gonna stick around for a couple more minutes. Governor you outnumber today. I am all right. I'm the luckiest guy in America. You can see him on FOX on Fox News channel at noon. Back.

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