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That it was so detail was a joke. Name was like wouldn't be funny. If they're like jokes inside, they're like. Oh, yeah. That led to something. Like, oh, I didn't even see that. Or like me, and you were talking about renaissance Z story, and we own just it's just simply saying, I don't need to hear that. That's all you need. Sometimes I know that you think it's important. But I'm telling you as an audience member, I'll tell you what I wanna hear. And that is so so fucking valuable in a story as tell you what? Or just going to like like. Ryan O'Neal was telling a story this weekend. And he said, I don't know my family's a little fucked up. And I was like how so and he just said it he would never set it on stage that way, and I was like, are you fucking kidding me? What I don't funny, and you like one time I was doing that the thing the Santa on the spot with Jeremiah upstairs. Yeah. And Rogan score on the back and some person the front goes what what's up? Do. You wanna talk about next. Someone goes an Franken. I go I usually think an Franken Helen Keller with the same person and fucking lost it, please. Tell me that's a bit. No, no clue. Travis. Yeah. But I don't know. I could having been with those guys all week. I could talk about I'm like obsessed. Yeah. So are already had assured off skiing. Did he do that? Or do you just take it off for the photo? The photo. So he's so interesting guy because the child said why is your shirt off? And it's supposed to being kind of our sons outguns out to a child. Okay. Or he's a really interesting fucking human me time with them. You really there's like you really there's a really soft side to him. But there's also not just a really like. Do it my way. Yeah. And hill insult you owe without thinking twice about it. Not feel bad about it. And at first it hits you and you're like, whoa. And then it doesn't bother you. Because you realize oh, this is just a guy who has in his life committed to being honest, whether it's in business dealings, you know, he's a he's generous to a fault. Like, he's the only guy like if he does a stand up show and asked you to be on it, he'll pay you s you to be on his podcast. He pays you tips. The fuck out of everybody his money is just he sees it as like, it should all be share. Like when we did that you must have done his show. The what's happening. Yeah. He paid. Everybody comes under paid everybody. And then he gave everybody I'm not gonna say what the bonus gift was. But it was a very lavish. Yeah. Got mushrooms. Yeah. Then he gave me an extra packing. So these Liam. Yeah. He gave me an extra one for my wife, and then we went to the desert in the next weekend and had a blast. He's a very interesting guy in that way. Like he like like, obviously people give him drugs non fucking stop. And then the end of the weekend, he brings the whole staff together. All right guys is drug sharing time break them up split them up. Everyone take them. I can't take him with a and he just, but yeah, he paid all of us this weekend. He is very key paid you guys. He paid all of us. We all got like an extra chunk of change because it was his gig. It was his game Salt Lake City. But yeah. And so it's sold out. So as he got one hundred of the door. Maybe I shouldn't say that. But fuck it. He got one hundred hundred door, and but it was a buy out of straight buyout out. So he got the room for the weekend. And he brought in a bunch of comics. And and and then he paid for everyone ski passes. Everyone's ski Reynolds everyone's flights out. He played for the Airbnb then. Yeah. And then he paid everyone gave everyone couple thousand thousand dollars really end 'tatoes and pretend potatoes. And potatoes. But like we went out to dinner bought dinner. A couple of nights renaissance bought dinner one night. I think Ari bought dinner one night, we went up to like really like five hundred dollar dinners for the group, which isn't to Salt Lake City Salt Lake City. Yeah. No in Park City. Okay, Salt Lake City is only how far thirty minutes. That's amazing. Then I went, okay. So I'm in Salt Lake City. A couple a month. I was I'm gonna stay in Park City. Go skiing and then go in and drive into my shows. And then go back to Park City. Go skiing because it's so much easier to wake up and go skiing than it is to wake up in Salt Lake City. Get yourself out the Park City ski then get him back. Right. So Arias a really fast everyone that went was really it was. It was. Find the thing that's fucked up in them because comics, but then you find the thing that they're trying to fix in them. And you're like, oh, that's fun. Yeah. Like, like, I guess I can't go into detail on people's dads. But we end up talking about our dads one night. And everyone was talking about what it's like a couple of people were talking about what it's like to be with very strict, dads and dads that would fly off the handle. Yeah. And I never had. I never had to fly off the handle. My dad was pretty dialed in for the level like physically, but they were like saying oh dad that fucking loses. It you never feel safe. Yeah. Really like, oh just little things. Like watching the weight or come up approach table the way that they've seen waiter approach table the wrong way and going, oh, let me get in front of this for you. That was my child at real my dad, berated more waiters in front of us. It was humiliating and then gas station back when they were gas station attendants. I can remember once he. He pulled out I guess he'd paid. And and the guy hadn't pulled out the nozzle yet. And my dad pulled away and yanked nozzle out and then stood there screaming at the guy for five minutes. It was his fucking full. And so a lot of times it was his fault. Yeah. But he had such an explosive temper that it really absolutely live in fear. And I think it's why I'm so aggressive also is watching that behavior and also not trusting the world

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