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When we arrived they said we are very sorry we don't take colored people by incidents of violence you will see a bunch of youngsters running through the streets with petrol bottles and when they go to the new black people were living there with Chuck through the window and style five by moments of resistance what we can obtain white blade above in this survey we intend to go on and gauging was level roles in color and after much struggle by some moments of triumph through the campaign people have told me that I couldn't win remember I wasn't just black and female I was young and radical I had a head full of braids down to my waist that's all coming up after a bulletin of today's world news hello I'm Neal newness with the BBC news the government of Ecuador has agreed to repeal a little known as the treat eight eight three that scrapped fuels some sitters after twelve days of protests by indigenous people that brought the country to a standstill Latin America correspondent will grant a small eight eight three was the main issue which prompted people to take to the streets in the first place the president had repeatedly said there would be no going back on it however given the intense and widespread protests over the past twelve days in the end he had little choice the clothes for his resignation of being grown louder with each protest president more than has looked increasingly vulnerable especially since the number of demonstrators were killed in clashes with riot police the commission intended to establish stability and peace in the stricken Andean nation will also be created with mediation by the church in the U. N. among others the curves of more than serious say they've done a deal with president Assad's government in an attempt to stop the Turkish invasion of their territory Syrian state media says government forces are heading north to confront wanted colds Turkish aggression Spain's Supreme Court is expected to deliver its verdict in the trial of twelve Catelyn separatist leaders over their role in the region's failed independence bid two years ago pro independence groups in Catalonia have called for civil disobedience if they're not acquitted them in Damascus reports they're all fears these verdicts could spark new tensions in Catalonia if the Supreme Court finds the separatist leaders guilty of the most serious charge of rebellion they could face twenty five years in jail or around fifteen years for the lesser charges of sedition and misuse of public funds and if there is new on rest Spain's prime minister has said he's prepared to take extraordinary measures to ensure security remember my articles with more than forty percent of the votes counted early results from Poland's parliamentary elections indicate that the governing law and justice policy is on course for a second term at AM eastern has more from war soul Lauren justice is on course to win the highest percentage of votes since democracy was restored here in nineteen eighty nine if the pasta result is confirmed the party would have a slightly increased majority and a strong mandate to continue it socially conservative program Lauren just as his pledge to continue its controversial reform of the judiciary despite opposition from the European Commission which saves the independence of Poland's judges is being eroded that issue has not dented Lauren justices popularity instead the party is reap the rewards of its generous welfare scheme which is benefited millions of families world news from the BBC thousands of supporters of the victorious Tunisian presidential candidate Connie so he'd thrown to the board of odds of central to news late on Sunday after to exit polls indicated he had to have been elected by a landslide both poles placed his decided to more than forty points ahead of his opponent the media mogul not bill Connery official results on do you on to later on Monday rescuers have been working through the nineteen Japan.

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