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The week zookeepers knew it was trouble he rallied a bit but lead thursday the forty year old silverback died leo was the adult meal leader at the zoo's gorilla exhibit for the time being the three other guerrillas at the zoo will continue to be on display at the outdoor enclosure necropsy on leo's body will be performed so the zoo can figure out why he died charlie harger komo news komo news time three eleven let's talk some sp this is beyond intriguing from my perspective a tweet out today from jason lockenfora of cbs sports he he says the san francisco forty niners are very interested interested in fact in proactive mode when it comes to possibly pulling off a trade for giants wide receiver odell beckham junior he's about as good as it gets at that position in the national football league here's where it gets in treating he also writes that along with san francisco one of the other teams that has a shot at odell beckham junior the seattle seahawks i i'm not sure how that would work out unless possibly it would involve a trading of earl thomas because the seahawks are draft pick a strapped with this year's draft class anyway in terms of the pitch they have so we shall see but that name's gonna get tossed around quite a bit here in the next week or so thanks for the memories running back thomas rawles he has left the seahawks via free agency and is now a member of the new york jets congrats to the mariners king felix the bullpen boom stick nelson cruz with a two run home run they open their season with a two one win over the indians last night a day off for the club's today they'll resume the series tomorrow afternoon a one ten game at safeco field with james paxton on the mound for the mariners women's final four on the schedule for this friday mississippi state will be taking on louisville notre dame against unbeaten and top ranked uconn go added tomorrow loyola of chicago the.

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