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Nero to obtain power in rome. She married emperor. Claudius gave narrow the finest education in the empire and married him off to claudius his daughter. All that stood in the way of getting nero on the throne was the emperor himself and that was an easy fix on october thirteenth. Fifty four ce sixty four year old emperor. Claudius was poisoned. Accounts vary on how the poison was administered. Some claimed that he was poisoned with mushrooms. Others claim that a physician administered a poisoned feather to him. Apparently as soon as he'd taken ill agra pena sent for several key. Senators and the praetorian guard in the early dawn hours as claudius body grew cold agra pena and the others discussed the transition of power the convenient timing of claudia's demise led many ancient historians to conclude that agra pena had poisoned the emperor. The most alarming evidence that agra pena had known claudius would die was the fact that nero was quick to address the praetorian. As the new emperor agra pena knew that suspicion of niro's rise to the throne would spread throughout the empire. Especially without the public support the praetorian guard rome's answer to private security since roman soldiers were not allowed within the city limits. The praetorian acted as the emperor's bodyguards and general law enforcement in rome. Luckily niro had a close relationship with the commander of the guard. A man named burress and of course. It helped that agra pena had been involved in bruce's promotion as sole prefect of the praetorian guard. Bourassa's loyalty to mother and son was without question. After brief speech to the praetorian they accompanied him to the senate where agra pena's allies quickly threw their support behind the teenagers. Official appointment as emperor within hours news of this series of events had spread throughout the city but rather than responding with suspicion at how quickly and seamlessly everything had moved. Most romans follow the senate's lead pledging loyalty to their new leader. Emperor claudius is dead long. Live the emperor nero. At sixteen years old niro became the leader of the largest empire in the world and it was all thanks to his mother. Though nero is still largely ambivalent about the power he wielded agra. Pino was finally where she wanted to be. While roman women were prohibited from holding. Any position government agra pena quickly established herself as the leading voice in the palace and narrow. Didn't seem to mind in the least. He knew that he had his mother to thank for his meteoric rise to power that this was her dream and like any good son. He wanted her to be happy. In fact the new emperor was quick to show how much you loved his mother. One of his first acts was establishing an official password for the praetorian guard. Niro chose a simple phrase optima mutter. It meant best of mothers niro even had a gold coin minted the first of his reign and a typical power play by new ruler. But this coin didn't just feature his face it showed agra pena's face to this was unprecedented they were featured on the same side of the coin facing each other and her name was on the front of the coin. Nero.

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