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I have to give a big shout out to Leon Batali. If you haven't seen the documentary about hit him in his life with Stanley Kubrick, it's called film worker yeah. Story Bernadino. It's fantastic. Film Leon to tally is the person who's been responsible for all of these. Restorations of Stanley Kubrick's film that that I say without exaggeration he always tells me to shut up and don't say that. But Emily, steel stood on Leon shoulders that there is not one aspect of film making that he does not understand he's a national treasure. He is a what he's done for Kubrick's library and his estate is. A beyond beyond the beyond and so Leon he was the person who who Supervised the four K. restoration of full metal jacket and it's amazing when you shoot on film and you go into that negative and digitally pull out information you see things that you never never never saw when it was just a thirty five millimeter prints. Yeah, it's astonished. Yet all the information is there. Why People who people think digital ously, be all and all. But when you shoot on film, that's the source. Yes. That is the source from that. You can draw as you say so much. We love physical media. We love things you can touch and hold, and there's something very special about that. And I can't for you as an actor. I can't quite imagine what it would be like to have someone hand you a film canister and go. Here you go. Here's your here's you you know and you can pull it out and look at it and look at every scene I still think it's magic I really do I mean that's absolutely the case with the full metal jacket diary. Right Adam Rockoff who supervised the digital transfer of my negatives and created the full metal jacket diary APP, which is free to all of your listeners right now as you can you can if you have an IPAD, you can get it for free to celebrate the release of the four. K. Full Metal Jacket in the in the anniversary of film but. Head? Had He not? Had negatives. The quality of the images would be just what they are but being able to go into that large two and a quarter by quarter negatives than I shot with with the role of flex camera..

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