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We'll get the mysterious universe sees a nineteen episode 6 coming up on this show we've got the time loop detour ramming the krona hall and the eu part wolves tula i'm benjamin grundy joining me is arun rights that is not a euphemism that actually happened someone rammed the colonel whole it's a wondering carnival euphemism for dr whose of jonah what that hole you'll story tell us what it is coming up on excited for the story fame cooking up all week got a couple of headlines that you know you've had the luxury of time to look into that i thought the luxury of time i have spent all day of and you've just derail to be and forgive the pun because i'm actually going to be going into some very unusual ghost train stories and not the kind of creepy halloween gives a ghost trade that grandma got hold two s actual very very strange storage was involves seemingly into dimensional travel and the kgb was even researching goes trains of euroasia because i might have been able to use them to some type of advantage and that links in with their entire nuclear programme away the the kgb he was usually be utilized goes trains during the cold war now trying to understand what was going on because these guys trains were appearing on that rail networks all across russia in the middle of the cold war when they're establishing these nucleararmed trains so very very strange stuff that's coming up a gap slightly wrought ben it's been a we'd week because there's been a couple of strained synchronicity is that a popped up in the news and i think oh sang t recently been it's like are it's so disappointing that it seems like know this strange activity it's not like the old days of we had john kiel experiencing we'd staffan charles iv not that anymore but just last week this report came in runoff do you and i were talking about the phantom social workers that struck in the uk back in the late eighties earlier naughty naughty.

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