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I don't get twenty five down in in and i'm paying eighty bucks for it. Almost ninety after-tax mike soft edges. Getting not here but at the at the house here my bills close to two hundred microsoft edge is getting in performance mode to improve ram cpa battery usage. So they're testing out this new performance mode the new motives available for some testers using the microsoft edge canary version of the browser as he may debated testing on the edge so This may prove good for cpu usage. Battery life on chromebooks. No excuse me on proving on chrome performance not chromebooks. Yep i'm running out of gas. I'm sorry Let's see here. We talked about clubhouse getting the round of funding. also interesting from wordpress. Wordpress is going to treat google's new f. l. o. c. called flock as a security concern. Google new flock tracking technology as a security concern. Wordpress announced that plan on treating dukes google's new block tracking technology security concern to block it by default. On wordpress sites. Wordpress has joined the growing list of creator. A browsers and search engine that refuse implement google flock in their content. He says there's a proposal wordpress org title treat flock as a terrible idea which knows it. Placing people in groups based on their browsing. Habits is likely to facilitate employment housing and other types of discrimination as well as predatory targeting of unsophisticated consumers with wordpress having forty one percent of the web. They think that this would be a very very big impact against google As our writer has done john she says personally liked it. Wordpress presses interested in protecting its users from google's flock. I've been using wordpress. My personal blog for years is really nice to know that we're presses taking preemptive steps in your google cannot inflict flock on wordpress sites. So that's jen weighing in on the article on geek news central. So be one to take a look at that. All you gotta do is go to the website. It's the lead story of their of right now. All right apple's co founder and postscript co creator. Charles geschke is dead at eighty one mathematician massive figuring digital publishing lives on in every pd app so Adobe said were deeply santa share that her beloved co founder. Dr chuck geschke passed away. Chuck was a hero guiding light for so many of us in the technology industry. He leaves an incredible mark on her company in the world. So eighty-one doesn't say what he died. From but I think we every time when i opened. Pdf's daily and it's got his fingerprints on it so Quite a legacy there. Here's a new went. Sony's flavor graph uses artificial intelligence to predict which ingredients will pair together it combines about flavors molecules and recipes from the past so this is interesting a is gone into game. Self-driving another areas with mixed success in trying his hand at cooking sony developed the deep learning system called flavor. Graph used to pair a ingredients like garlic olives and milk. I'm not an olive fan at all but If your foodi you cannot can check this out but it is no. The researchers didn't yet discovered anything extraordinary citing caviar and white chocolate sample that but the flyer flavor graph is a starting point develops and we get even better representation of food. We should discover more and more intriguing pairings of ingredients as well as new substitutes for ingredients that either unhealthy or unsustainable team wrote so Salt and pepper steak only k. That's all you need for and sometimes just pepper and not much saw. Just a dash so south korea telecom. Sat's linked up with young in severance hospital to commercialize and play facility roaming robots that minimizes the need for face to face contact thus supporting reduced. Kobe transmission so The saints going to walk around and check on you roll around in check on you and They're using five g to do that but a lot of hospitals are using robots. Where you just basically talk to another human on a computer screen so Anyway little tidbit for the end of the show all right. I'm.

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