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Fucking coffin. And the coffin of actually go to shut the coffin. That's right and when they do all of a sudden he's like these he could've pushed up on it. Yes wide awake. He doesn't fight. They seal the coffin and then it shows them carry him off and you don't see him again so you're assuming they thought he was dead and they said he needs to return to the A or whatever she it I think. I don't think they heard him yelling. I think there was going to bury him alive. I don't know if you heard I mean we didn't hear Shit. Well no because you saw him awake up before the coffin clothes exactly so they were all there so they all saw him get closed up life either that or either that or this that odd for you know I'm just gonNA come bastard He closed coffin on him anyway. And apparently it's fucking soundproof. Because they don't hear Shit. Yeah that's all they take him away and you don't see him now and then the white. The woman in white goes outside. She's walking around trying to get out and trying to figure out what the fuck to do and she runs into the woman in black two says it's time to go home to the graveyard. Go back you know. It's time for you to come home too. So she walks into the forest in this trance. And then just fucking vanishes and then we to scene of the officer Chicken Shit. Detective Tuxedo the inspector and some curly hair Douche. And they're all talking about what happened. What what what happened. The case where. Everybody where Dr Acklin Goto. Because they can't find him back to a cooler and then make the deduction that he must be in the graveyard and then they go check the gravy or they're gonNa go check the graveyard movie. Don't even get that movie in the movie end. Yeah there's no sorry there is not more to talk about on this one but it is literally. There's no like there's no three act structure there's no A. B. C. There's just now eight AC- that's it. There's no it's like somebody spilled the ball alphabet soup. If you WANNA talk about Betcha I mean he talking about just a fucking mess. Here is So be my guest sir. How do you rate this? Lovely Motion Picture Man I mean you know it's a it's a edward quote unquote classic. Yeah It's very difficult to watch. It has its has its charm. You know it's a fifty. As bad as they are movies and shorts from the fifties and sixties are have charm to him. Yes they do They had they'd have a unique quality all their own I It was still difficult to get through because it was so fucking hard to follow. It really was and then the fate that we also talk about the fake ass goes that passed by in the background. Ca China. Ninety relevant fucking But you know I want to give it a three give it three. It's Something you need to watch with some friends and drink definitely in play game but It's not something that you want to Watch all that often. No now and alcohol would definitely help this. Yeah definitely for sure. So what about you gotTa Mighty I'm not going to be as nice to this. One see usually the fifties charm when you carries me through this. Yeah unfortunately this one didn't have the it factor for me when it comes to the fifty movie the acting blue. Yeah I mean. Of course. It's it's cornerback. But at least some fifties movies the horb you know th the acting is actually not so bad right. You know like we watched some of the older movies like the doctor Dr Terrorist. How Tears House or very well acted and it was from way back but this was not well acted at all. It's like they took a bunch of fucking schoolhouse morons and says. Hey we're GONNA put on a Sunday play. Everybody our little Halloween player. Whatever yeah And that's what it felt like like a little neighborhood theater play. It was not. That's what it looked like. Who Sets of theater said the effects were laughingly Dorky? I mean the the effects were like what you'd expect from. Nineteen fifties like haunted house like a trumpet Australia. That's supposed to be a ghost. Planet trump. Duda Duda another fact. We left out which was stupid. But you know what? It's okay dude in a white sheet supposedly a ghost. Yeah not a clansman. I mean literally walking by with his hands of ood Scooby Doo looking exactly so they said it was good So I am actually going to punish Mr would for his atrocity atrocity. This one's really bad to me. I'm going five tariffs on this rival. I I'm slam dunk. I'm slammed doc in this one because you know usually I can say. Oh man is it's charming. It's got some humor to it. It is delightfully Corny In a way. Yeah but it's not to like not gets no and I. It's I guess you could say it's good enough to watch once and drink and get a kick out of it just because of how God awful it is and it's Ed Wood. It's a piece as bad as it's a piece of film history. Yes Ed Wood. For good bad or infamous whatever. He has his place in the history of moviemaking yet. And all I am going to say is the synopsis hit it Riley fucking head. This is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen not as bad as those. Oh no those were still shut. I mean that is a crowning to keep bringing that back up you guys. I'm telling you that is the I have watched it. You didn't listen to us. But that's okay but that was the crown. I mean crowning achievement of Crapton. I mean God bless America. We're going to topic here but yeah give it a five. I gave it a three. Yep So yeah there you go. There's there's our review. Yup I wish I could be a little more wish. I could be nicer this when when I just can't do gotta do what you gotTa do. Yep Anyway are James Will Watch. Tell us where they can find us on social media and where they can find our podcast. Absolutely you can find our podcast on. We are Members of the fourth hand dot com network. You can go on there. Find our two shows what the suck and fear Stan fear fear factor. What fear factor. Now yeah go and do the only do that again. That's my we'll keep keeping keeping it. Go Go and of course you can find us on facebook under what the suck podcast and you can also find us on. Instagram underwent the suck. And when you search what the psychic you have to put the underscores of course you can also find our podcast. Because like I said we're on fourth hand DOT COM. But we're also on spotify. Google podcast apple podcasts. Were pretty much anywhere cast box you know so and We're we're on all the big ones and some small wounds I just found a list of I think like ten more ones. Yep them but to get us on so and you've even and even goes on you on the two of you for sure. What the suck on Youtube but this podcast on Youtube and I believe should find at least our first seasons on there for sure as right well until next time Friends this is James. And if it ain't what the suck it ain't shit. 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