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Is being abused. Taking advantage of us properly. It's unclear what the percentages are in there. It's unclear who is doing what to whom and how but Trump now is attempting to change our asylum process at the southern border house. He trying to change it will there are some memos that have gone out directives that been where it all shakes out is yet to be determined in a memo, President Trump has directed. The attorney general and homeland security secretary to come up with new regulations that would ensure most asylum applications or completed in one hundred eighty days charge asylum seekers of fee to process their claims and prohibit those who enter illegally from receiving authorization to work. The president has set a ninety day deadline for the new regulations immigration advocacy, groups predicted there would be legal challenges. There's always legal challenges because it seems what you wish to have happened. And what is possible to happen? By my understanding of math isn't going to happen, specifically, what are you referencing one hundred eighty day? Okay. So that's one thing that, you know, when the president says, I want an asylum case to be adjudicated within one hundred and eighty days in essence what he's saying. Is you have six months to determine whether or not somebody is going to be granted asylum in the state in the United. We can all go. Okay. Great. Sounds awesome. As opposed to or three year, backlog Iraqi. Yeah, absolutely years skiers in order for that to happen on average is like five hundred sixty days for somebody to get before a judge. And then if you're actually going to be granted asylum, it takes upwards of three years because I got to do a bunch of interviews and witnesses and so on and so forth. So one hundred eighty days. Sounds awesome to me. That's great. But then you get into the details of it. And how do you make that happen? When you have a limited number of judges along the border immigration judge. You have a backlog of wait for it. Eight hundred thousand case there's a math issue here. There's an absolute math issue like you can't get from aid be with this right now. If you want to say sounds good I want to get them all adjudicated one hundred and eighty days, and I'm sending do the math X number of immigration judges and opening up new immigration courts to speed the process. Okay. But but wishing for it to happen and having it happened to completely separate thing. Okay. So that's the one hundred and eighty days. All right. Let's put a pin in that over here. Let's talk about the idea that the president is put out there of charging a fee for asylum seekers of a processing fee if you will. Yeah. Also appears probably not going to stay in a court challenge. Again, it is our law that you can apply for asylum. And then we we figure it out the idea of charging again, I think it's cruel. I fully expect it don't get me wrong. It's exactly what you would expect from from is to be as cruel inhumane in mean as possible. Two people who maybe the the weakest among us the most vulnerable among us, those that are willing to give up their homes, and El Salvador, Guatemala and make their way to our southern border. Then you're going to add the insult to injury by charging them to apply for legally apply for asylum. Well, our immigration law does grant the attorney general the authority to impose this fee on asylum. Applications the thing is is it doesn't require such payments, and if you are a migrant seeking refuge to avoid deportation. You're not gonna be charged. So I don't necessarily understand how that is going to play out. We'll get we have we have asylum laws that I think any rational person would say they are being exploited in some way, shape or form. The problem is the throwing of the baby out with the bathwater. Do you? Throw out the and make it impossible. Put new barriers to people with genuine. Legitimate would stand up in court claims of asylum for those that are trying to skirt the system. Yeah. But I think we also have to be honest about what we're discussing here. I get the point that you're making, Bruce, but genuine honest claims of asylum because of persecution in their country. That's only about twenty percent of the people who are coming across the border. So we we have to address the other eighty percent. And while it's not gonna cruel inhumane. The argument is, you know, people are leaving the most urgent of circumstances. Yes. That is part of the discussion. But the other part of this Gushin is that the cartels are actually playing commercials in Honduras, and El Salvador and Ecuador advertising of coming to the United States exploiting the asylum. Seek the asylum process catch and release and get into the United States. So you have to address both of doesn't strike me that any of this is very serious. This is another distraction. I fully expect that there's, you know, whether it's the Deutsche Bank or whatever else is going on this is a distraction because it's just not going to happen. Wishing that wishing that the immigration judges of increase their workload by ten times. And do it tomorrow. Again. It's like it's like a yelling at the at the sunrise demanding that it it it rise in the west. Instead, it's not going to happen. You're unwilling to support the change in the policy you one with anything else, you send the military and people putting up razor wire down. You don't send more judges? It's a complicated issue. It's one that we've been focusing a great deal on here at KTAR because we do know that it impacts our community. There are so many migrants that are being released into China. And we even had KTAR reporter that went down and was on the border and in talking to those officials because we do know that it is important and you want to stay informed on it. 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