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That's the problem let's go let's go see the grand canyon the world's biggest ball of twine oh that's what's the longest roach if you've been on one you drove out when i drove out here i was never do it again you never do that was the dumbest thing i've ever done in my life i've done drive eighteen hundred miles by yourself i've done columbus ohio home i've done south ben home i've done austin texas home i've done gazillion up to oregon's and backs you i've done i've done enough of the the and and i don't think of me says our friend bryan young when he retired he and the family went like on a i'm talking california to florida and all around in all around the north carolina's and this that like went on i think they had a pretty like luxury suv winnebago something or other but even still i'm good but he was because i i ran into him to fly later at a notre dame football game and he was running me through the whole route and everything that they did and i'm like b y like i i love you and respect you let the hell are you doing like people say oh you've been retired you got to find something to do that isn't the something i want to do you know it's like in five hours i can actually be in florida so that's five hours versus how many days can take me to drive through all those it sounds fun like a couple dozen now oh fun i was completely joking about the brooks road trip not that i don't want to spend time with you in a car the farthest driving tau k here's the thing maybe reto now you cook in with gay i like let's let's go to this on this dudes playing like that's all i'm with that.

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