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Season is here. The storms are coming summer is right around the corner. 8445809326 Cory, I want to ask you a personal question. I just bought a home in October and Was looking at my house with my husband the other day, and I'm a total total movie here. But I'm like, I don't think our house has gutters and I looked at him like, Can our house not have gutters? And he's like, I don't know. I don't see any. I mean, that's that's the thing houses houses like might not have gutters. Yeah, absolutely. There's a lot of houses that don't have gutters that need gutters. There's actually a lot of houses that have gutters that they don't need. So so, yeah, it's it's always a good idea to look at how water flows off of your roof. So one of the common areas that we see gutters. Is in the entry points you know you don't want if it's raining, and your guests have to either come through your garage or come through your front door. You don't want them to walk through a sheet of water. If it happened, happens to be storming. They want to redirect that water. Um, you know, and the way to do that is to put gutters, uh, in front of on top of those entryways, so that it you know, goes towards the downspout and leaves that area Um The other thing to look for is you know if it's causing damage to the yard of the landscape if water is just running off like a sheet in Been going into like your plant beds or in between your house and your neighbor's house and really creating a swampy area. It's a good idea to redirect that water. But some houses have gutters on every eve, and it's a little overkill. And sometimes it can actually cause some issues because water is not running freely, and the homeowner might not maintain those gutters and it backs up and it could cause all sorts of problems. So, yeah, I think what I would recommend is once again we can come out and look at that A gutter company can come out and look at that and kind of give you a plan on what the best way to do it. But in Florida Key to any roof. Whether it's a pitched roof for a flat roof, is making sure that water is leaving the roof properly, and that's that's super important. Then I got to go out in the rain with my umbrella and look at my room when it's raining. How? I guess that's the only way to do that. Well, not necessarily when it's raining, but just kind of thinking it through. If you've got a valley on your roof that's pouring down right in front of your front door. And when it does rain, you notice it's a waterfall right there. It's probably a good place to put a gutter, you know, so but But, yeah. Uh, if you do want to get wet, standing out in the rain does help to make sure it's not lightning. Yes, that's a very good point. Universal roof and contracting at universal roof dot com Again..

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