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Sick and dying as nurses car drivers coffin makers in grave diggers Absalom Jones and Richard Allen religious leaders who would later go on to found the first black churches of Philadelphia African Episcopal Church of St Thomas an African Methodist Episcopal Church respectively described their experiences volunteers in seventeen ninety three quote at this time the dread that prevailed over people's minds was so general that it was a rare instance to see one neighbor visit another and even friends when they met in the streets were afraid of each other much less what they admitted to their houses this is not the only horror that Absalom Jones and Richard Allen observed they observe horrendous behavior from the fearful citizens of Philadelphia many white people have acted in a manner that would make humanity shutter they said despite doctor rushes theory two hundred and forty African Americans died of yellow fever now the unwilling victims of yellow fever not just the infected children office suffered from a mild case of yellow fever while adults severely suffered the number of orphans increased his parents became casualties of the fever Jones and Alan observe quota woman died we were sent to bury her when I going into the house and taking the coffin in a dear little innocent accosted us with mama is a sleep don't wake her but when she saw us put her in the coffin the distress of the child was so great that it almost overcame us when she demanded why put her mom in the box we didn't know how to answer but committed her to the care of a neighbor left her with heavy hearts however result many orphanages were created to meet the growing needs Benjamin rush did find his own treatment for yellow fever by October by blood leeching and purging patients doctor rush decrease mortality in some cases he would remove a very high proportion of blood from the body he often gave calomel a mercury compound as a method to purge the pals there were several doctors and public figures such as journalist William Colbert who attacked his that is Russia's medical practice well that was the primary political enemy of rash going so far as to calling him a quack a murder he mentally unstable according to Jim Murphy author of the American flag later in eighteen hundred rush which suit coat Belfer liable for the amount of five thousand dollars after which co bell fled the country in disgrace though there is no true cure and a vaccine was not developed until nineteen thirty seven doctor rushes avid conviction to his personal cure gave his pate patience and strength and hope estimated the rush his medical treatment saved over six thousand people this dedication and perseverance to find a treatment one point Dr Russian self sellable yellow fever and with his own treatment administered by one of his assistants he became healthy despite a persistent cough Lillian rose comments on opinion of Russia after the operation writes Dr Benjamin Russ whose heroism during the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia going seventeen ninety three endeared him even to his political enemy now frost's mid to late October which froze over the stagnant pools of water where mosquitoes breed greatly decrease the incidence of yellow fever infections by November the horrific epidemic was over and residents finally return to their homes and lives those who states such as doctor rush her Absalom Jones to fight the yellow fever we're glorified heroes circuit judge William Bradford after hearing a rushes Dietz wrote he become the Darling of the common people in his humane fortitude and exertions will render him deservedly dear the only conflict they remain was the cause of the yellow fever plague and whether it was from the filth of the city is rush believe the opinions of others who argued that the seeds of the disease came from the West Indies as stated by modern author harbor at Bob Arnett deck soon after the governor of Pennsylvania Thomas Mifflin embrace both ideas called for greater civic cleanliness and stricter quarantine inspection of incoming vessels the yellow fever epidemic of seventeen ninety three forever change Philadelphia the the initial impact was gloom and dread great adaptions were made by the people of Philadelphia hospital's isolation hospitals and orphanages were built political leaders learned the importance of nursing care from the epidemics and attempted to revive it more carefully aggressive attempts were made to improve the city's sanitary conditions laws came into existence for homeowners to hold responsibility for cleaning up their property in Murphy stated the governor these cleanliness laws were rather we can generally ignored by all however when the nineteenth century these laws would eventually be enforced the great improvement was made in Philadelphia's water supply following the outbreak waste from pretty pets by products of manufacturing and trash a market seeped into private public wells use for drinking and cooking which result in a what Jim Murphy describes as evil smelling an evil tasting water the citizens of Philadelphia believe that foul smelling water could be the cause of health problems in seventeen ninety nine Benjamin Latrobe father American architecture was hired to design and construct Philadelphia's first water works in the first quarter system in the United States his water works design remove water from the Schuylkill river by a steam engine pump which pumps the water to a central pump house the central pump house located at the large central square broad and high streets used in another steam engine pump to lift the water into the huge would reservoirs which use gravity to carry the water to houses and businesses around the city the trouble later went on to design carry capital of the United States Washington DC water system ironically he died of yellow fever while constructing the water works of New Orleans in eighteen twenty one of the immediate changes to Philadelphia was the dispersal of residents who lived on the water side of Philadelphia merchants than living on waterfront street moved to reside in western outskirts of Philadelphia population movement change the growth of Philadelphia away from the waterfront Russian an enormous impact on the growth of medicine and medical care but at the time many other physicians the college of physicians disagree with Russia's belief of the cost so he resigned from the college of physicians has he viewed flawed medical logic of professional jealousy from his peers as stated by Jim Murphy the American award winning author the cause of yellow fever would not be known for another century rush was criticized for his belief that the onus was not imported turns out he was right yellow fever tore through the city like wildfire causing death of one six the population remaining the many tried to flee the city the effects of such a devastating epidemic could not be avoided at the death and decay several of history's greatest doctors such as Benjamin rush became combatants against the plague and consequently advanced medicine the growth of Philadelphia history Pennsylvania were forever altered by this tragedy which was endorsed by the residents of Philadelphia a little bit of history little bit of context I'll be right back in Washington small W. 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