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Thank you thank you drink replies really it's you with the drug stories that's gotta stop though you made a couple of jobs now you think you're chop oh you ask me though you ain't lining the trunk with kilos you bagging we'd watching pacino with all your age and words like this is what we need to be on but you never went live your middleman in this you're not one of those guys wow so he's saying all of this done a hard everything you rap about is is fake share he also attacks kid cutty on the song who also brought up his ghost writing allegations on twitter okay so so drag attacking push t for being affiliated with kid cudi who's been alleged to have to have ghost writers as well no kid cutty called out drake for having ghostwriters oh everybody's piling on yeah and push teeing kid cutter close they're interesting so drake kind of goes you're the man on the moon now you're going through your phases you stay zand perked up so when reality sets in you don't have to face it look what happens soon as you talk to me crazy is you crazy that's that's a strong as theirs those are pretty strong worse accuse man being a drug addict and that's right before that with the next slide dan taty had recently checked into a rehabilitation clinic for substance abuse and suicidal tendencies spirited now what's his words.

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