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This is Bloomberg Reiter with Big Hawk on you're listening to the best have you board here for the really big barbecue show Boeing we cook because we and you have a great show following so what four her Ooh all right welcome back this is the the time we get outside the box and talk about fast food trends missed the first hour first of all you missed a classic conversation with Travis Clark Richard this past weekend he is auto qualified for the Jack Daniels five he's also opening a restaurant that they're shooting in that three open and we all heard how expensive Michael Simon's Barbecue Restaurant in Cleveland was here on the show things here on this show but we'll let it slide hopefully it three weeks it sounds like it's really close and we'll eat some of Travis's barbecue and the we talked with Craig Bar who is currently and successfully taking all I could easily take the next seven and a half for you're on a path of art grilling 'em about this Popeye stuff come to find he's looking to shoot a film and what I said give me some idea I'd like a monologue of the whole catch what's the movie about boom he goes right into character and and away he goes because label in that conversation Were I or if it's not if you just wanted repair for the vehicle but it sounds like he piece of the new Popeye's chicken sandwiches coming out on Sunday he has nations of this whole suit between Craig Bar and Popeye's chicken awed cast the style network's this is going to be the only show where you're going to be able to come no it's Internet radio and there's no FCC regulation but you don't WanNa go on radio you WanNa be who you are how we were talking about the earth I think there was a mention of something around nine hundred I think Caraba doesn't make really good pasta sauce many points being made in that site wow so if a coming up here and the remainder of the show emily detweiler from KCBS don't forget you can follow me socially at bbq central show on instagram best moments with Barbecue Central Show in ten minutes or less episode ninety six October Twenty Steven Reich Lynn Barbecue central show guest hall of Famer and Barbecue Hall of Famer or let me lead off with this FC IBCA portion of the contest and that Jd Henley from buckshot barbecue was the one number of questions surface and I started really dig in and see if I could get some confirmation on able to give me a one hundred percent confirmation one way or the other so also reached out to jd and Monday afternoon we got the following. What I'm paraphrasing? I helped Johnny Cook the that portion of ought a secret it was not being kept on the down low the cover of darkness like late Thursday was also rumored he was there from of cooking together this is not and again I would like to say this is not the and Johnny cooking together at some other events this year as well so now the seems to fit potentially had a hall of fame pit master who's widely loved and known in the industry not just by deal on many levels the good news is that it's cleared as nothing more than a misunderstanding I love controversy but not at the expense of Integrity Agile many people and I mean many people have his back not only in friendly way and that is great to see Johnny as eighty-one still out there doing it just to be clear jd Henley wasn't Johnny's camp all well known all disclosed wake up all right we have emily detweiler coming up within power draft fan let's meet.

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