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Defense bill now over an amendment to rename some military bases your CBS's Skylar Henry Congress is currently considered the National Defense Authorization Act, which the president has threatened to veto over an amendment requiring the Pentagon to rename 10 Army bases named after Confederate leaders. President Trump will not veto a bill. That contains pay raises for our troops. This is nothing but typical bluster. Military leaders and some congressional Republicans have expressed support for the renaming of those military installations. Now without the president, vetoing the entire defense bill. Removing the amendment remains highly unlikely and opponents to the amendment not expected to be the near 60 votes needed to get that out. In time. Boston University is now considering a name change for its longtime mascot, read the Boston Terrier Retz, named after the male lead character in that movie Gone with the Wind, the school's primary color scarlet can be seen as a reference to the stories female lead. In a letter from President Robert A. Brown. He says that with the recent nationwide protests against racial injustice, it's time to question whether it's appropriate to continue using that name for the mascot given gum, the winds portrayal of the American Civil War into post war reconstruction. Round asking now for a committee to give him a recommendation on whether the red name should be retired. We're expected to get a decision on this coming up in October, and also today, the Emancipation Group statue depicting President Abraham Lincoln and a newly free slit a freed slave at sits, a park square in Boston will be coming down. That comes after a vote from the Boston are commission and local artist was the catalyst. That started the conversation that lead to action. A date has not been set on when the statue will be taken down, But the plans were in the works. There will even be a ceremony when it takes place. Artist Tori Bullock first started a petition to have it removed and placed in a museum. He says the whole process hearing different opinions has been truly helpful to the larger discussion of what's going on in America. Right now. The city of Boston provided such a cool space for everyone to hear all perspectives and being completely really There was nothing that people said that swayed my position, but they were definitely things that people said that maybe Seo that I didn't understand that people didn't see what I saw when they looked at that The statue was paid for by recently freed black Americans. However, they had no role in designing it. Now there will be new sign it at the sighted Park Square, explaining the events that took place with the statue's creation and removal. Jim McKay W B z Boston's News Radio, 7 38 time for Bloomberg Business. Here's Andro Day, first day of the second half of the year. Stocks mostly moved higher, although index is at various times mixed it down finishes down 78 but the NASDAQ rises 96 S and P Up 16. Among upside factors, traders were upbeat about a possible Corona virus vaccine. An early trial of an experimental covert vaccine from visor and bio intact, found that it's safe and patients who got the shot produced antibodies. Adding to the upside was FedEx the company. Many consider an economic indicator because package is on the move mean an economy on the move, posted an unexpected profit for the spring quarter and rode a Bloomberg business on W. B Z Boston's news radio. There's a push on Capitol Hill this week to keep more unemployment help coming for those out of a job. Details on that coming up. It's 7 48 The state is opening.

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