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The pastor. He was an inspiration. And it's your faith fits your strength Brunson thanked the Trump administration and lawmakers for helping win his release. We're so grateful to so many people in congress has stood with us. Prayed for us. Brunson said he and his wife will spend time with family and pray for God's guidance on what they should do next. Greg Clugston, Washington. A Turkish corps dropped an espionage charges against Brunson who had faced up to thirty five years in jail. If convicted of all charges against him. He was among tens of thousands of people mostly Turks who were caught up in a government crackdown after he failed coup. An important Senate race is heating up as Hollywood backs a democrat in a usually red state. Don't turn my Texas into California has become the battle cry of Republicans for the midterms. And that's where Democrats are aiming for as beta Aurora raises more than thirty eight million dollars in three months. The most raised in a Senate race in a quarter. He wants to take the seat from Ted Cruz as a work appears on late night TV shows and on left leaning daytime shows polls show cruise with anywhere from a nine point lead to twelve points. But money pouring in from Hollywood proves they want crews and other Texas Republicans gone Val deore, Dallas, O'Rourke, third qu. Hall more than three times as large as that of crews who reported raising twelve million in the last three months early voting in Texas starts October twenty second and runs through November. The second hundreds of people packed the pews of an old brick church in Amsterdam New York at the service for eight of the twenty people killed last Saturday when the limousine they hired for thirtieth birthday party crashed news and analysis at townhall dot com. Andrea case show the world is reciting the pledge of allegiance negative if there's any kid that feels a negative experience by reciting, the pledge of allegiance is because they were told by an anti-american parent or schoolteacher or maybe it's because they see these NFL players who refused to stand, but they've been indoctrinated into hating America. So instead the school decides to tell them they're supposed to chant to a wolf pack. The Andrea cage show, every weeknight at six on FM ninety six point one north county and AM eleven seventy seventy theanswer. Man. Welcome to state run gas will do for you today. Please moron..

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