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Way to trial okay are you doing I've been listening to the show for about nineteen years this is the first time I've ever called welcome and and you are my family and it's been a great show in here at the you have an a marvelous give controlling the story you got a lot of information and and I've communicated with a lot of my loved ones that have passed and they've communicated with me I guess and it's all been a lovely experience and I love my show and god bless you both well thank you for the comments Dr Barry Taff I think we're about out of time we got a minute and a half or so what's next for you used to mention something about a new book I would like another book it's going to be very controversial goes in the stories I've never spoken to before but also I am working on with the number of groups who want to develop TV shows or movies about my work I can't describe what my work about my life about all of it and it's gonna be interesting because it's gonna be a new version of the dramatized paranormal dramatic ships well I mean it's a golden age for UFO shows on television a lot of interest in paranormal activity on all these cable networks and some other big bigger network yeah it's it's it's harder than ever are you will let us know when that next book comes out and it will be a first year for me and I know you moved around a lot you mention a couple different places but where you live now now I'm living in in palm desert palm desert okay I I didn't know if you'd said you had moved from there okay I have to come and see pardon I'll have to come and see you it's spelled out road problem give me great I I keep seeing you interviewing people online in the lives of everyone of which your goal and other people I know and it's great because you deserve it you deserve extraordinary work in this thank god you're out there is a lot of people in your field wouldn't do this thank you very thanks for joining us hope people check out your website and the books that we make thanks for being here project my pleasure thank you thanks also to my earlier guests to Kim Russo we have links to her work online into my colleagues there it coast to coast Michael Colosio.

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