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The beltway outer loop still seeing the volume coming from the Baltimore Washington Parkway headed past two O one kenilworth avenue There's still some activity over on the right shoulder from an earlier crash Inner loop seeing a delay from Connecticut avenue around toward Georgia avenue with nothing reported but on Connecticut avenue itself delay southbound from the beltway headed toward Jones bridge road to work in the left lane northbound also has a work zone in the left lane The westbound span of the bay bridge the right lane of three is blocked with the work eastbound has both of your lanes open In the district in northwest tenth street at F street you are under police direction for the police activity southbound D.C. two 95 slows from burrows headed past east capital street also in Virginia on the northbound George Washington Parkway delays passing turkey run It was a single lane getting by the work zone East battle westbound 66 running fairly well Westminster starting to slow a little bit passing 29 in Centreville That should be some work taking Elaine southbound 95 slows crossing the Kwan then you'll hit the brakes near 6 ten garrisonville road passing courthouse road and after the rappahannock river bridge now solid headed toward route one in spottsylvania today it's the left lane blocked with the work What is it that makes you uniquely you will duck duck go doesn't think that's any of their business and frankly it shouldn't be the business of any tech company Protect your privacy online for free with duck duck go I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic And here's storm team fours Mike stifford A beautiful sprig like afternoon a good deal of sunshine breezy and mild highs will be in the low to mid 60s could see some up for 60s across the southern suburbs Overnight.

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