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So President Trump Made the trip yesterday to fort drum New York for the signing of, the John McCain national defense authorization act Any thanked, multiple members of congress Republican members including several Even yeah Five members of congress Trump has attacked John McCain previously in, well. Documented Ways McCain has, been one of the administration's, most outspoken Republican critics so yesterday the, house the Senate Armed Services committee which put together this package named, it made the decision to name it after the chairman of their committee John McCain who's fighting a brain tumor Well Trump thanks to all these people, yesterday didn't, even mention John McCain's name He has not backed away in his attacks on McCain despite even with the brain tumor just hour after the ceremony Trump. Continued, his. Criticism at a campaign event or a congressman congresswoman in New York One of our wonderful Senator. Said thumbs down at two o'clock this morning he said although, Trump claimed the. Senate was one vote away in reality the vote was, only to go to conference with the house. On the senate's skinny repeal McCain's daughter is a conservative commentator has called Trump's comments gross and pathetic McCain though did, spearheaded efforts to pass the defense spending Bill in the Senate the bills former. Name was named after him by that committee Mondays Ma remarks were. Mostly scripted Trump, called the measure the most significant investment in our military in our warfighters in modern history very proud to be a big, big part of it and also at seven hundred sixteen billion. And forthcoming two. Thousand nineteen fiscal year military funding, is administration's economic success and the US. Leadership in, space so Trump signs the defense measure the spending measure that. McCain was a big part of putting together but didn't think McCain in any way. Shape or form seven hundred seventeen billion annual defense policy Bill, the authorization act He, said it was very hard you know I went to congress I said let's do it we got to do it we're, going to strengthen. Our military like never ever before and that's. What we did So, but when he. Referred to we talked about the. Vice president, defect Defense Secretary and. A bunch, of members of. Congress but never even once. Mentioned John McCain and that's how roles between Trump and. McCain seven forty-seven NewsRadio RV S. check trending stories now from the newsroom here's headlines with Andy doernen several people injured after a car smashed into barriers outside of parliament in London Charlotte fills police chief. Says. They made eight arrests and, three of their officers were injured during the one year anniversary of the unite the right, rally and state Democrats.

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