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Jeff, thank you for taking my call him hearing, my opinion out to comment on with this generation rise up like what you call us the greatest generation absolute. Okay, makes me sad to say that, but it is hard at a high school event to get this generation to take their hats off put their hand over their heart and, and honor our flag. Right. So I find it. Fan. I find it hard to believe you would have that, and I agree with you. Don't look after September eleventh two thousand one you had this country. We the country came together in a way that I don't think that I'd seen in my lifetime. But you're that quickly splintered you know, then we got into the politics. Well, okay, how do we retaliate? How do we do this, and it quickly splintered? And by the way, when I say this, I don't doubt that there are some people who would approach, you know, service and defending this country and doing that. And they would the same zeal and patriotism and level that people did in Jena, greatest generation, I just don't think there'd be anywhere close to that number of people who would doing it for one four seven nine, nine one six twenty. Let's talk to Paul in Illinois, Paul or WTMJ. I do have agree with you. I don't think that they would think they the hard stand. I mean, nowadays, there's so much reliance on smart weapons mart bombs, I don't know if they would put themselves personally at Ren, plus I think the rule change. I mean back in the day, if you had a sniper in a church staple or a school or something, and they were shooting. Have you brought an tank abundant do you lowered the building with deputy warcrime now because because citizens might be in the line of fire? They did what they needed to do to win and to go home. I don't know what they would do that anymore. No, I don't think I again, I don't think they would, and then you'd have all the politics that you, you would not have a country that I think could unite in the way this country United after World War, Two, I just don't think that that's the situation. We are so splintered. We are so divided. You'd have people saying okay, well this, this isn't a just war. We shouldn't be doing this. Here's a text Jeff back in the nineteen forties. It was God and country. Today for so many young people. It's all about me me me. I, I don't know when that changed. I mean, maybe you'll maybe you can point to the, the Vietnam war, as a point where we became cynical. You know, people got involved in a meeting. An actually very interesting book, but Richard Holbrooke who was a diplomat and hit his first assignment was Vietnam. And it's really interesting. Be talking about the way the, the view that Americans had, including American Milton, Brazil, American military had, you know, in, in the early part of the at Phnom, and we thought this was a noble war, etc. Etc. And how all that change, and how people became cynical. I don't know if we're more self-centered, I don't know if we're more cynical. Don't know why it is. I just know. I don't think that you could recreate what happened seventy five years ago today if you ever had to hopefully we'll never need to do that. Okay. I am out of time back tomorrow, twelve noon. When we do this all. Well, again, brewers coming up right after Eric Bill stats news. Have a great thirsty. Violent crime rates in the city of Milwaukee are going down that according to Milwaukee police chief Alfonzo Morales detailing the numbers to council. Members today for the fourteenth time this year, though, a child is hit by gunfire. In the city, this time, three year old boy found seriously wounded in a home near seventeenth and concordia US Mexican officials were holding a second day of talks, working to avert import tariffs that President Trump is threatening to impose is trying to force Mexico into stemming the flood of migrants at America's southern border. Time for the WTMJ, Drake and associates market update. Right now, the Dow is up ninety three to twenty five thousand six thirty two the NASDAQ is down one the seventy five seventy three. The s&p is up to twenty eight thirty four WTMJ Pella double d I dot com timesaver traffic.

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