Albuquerque Journal, BON, Donald Trump discussed on Scott Stiegler


Selection from your breaking news station i'm larry mullen break the board of regents has approved a budget of just under three billion dollars for next fiscal year the albuquerque journal reports the amount represents an increase of one point seven percent spending plan already incorporates the tuition increase approved by the region's in march also in the budget is money to provide raises of one percent for faculty and staff convicted albuquerque felon could get more than seven years in prison after pleading guilty to federal firearms charges last september police say hi may scientists day bon fired shots at a vehicle not knowing that it was being driven by an undercover officer police say scientists day bond was in a stolen vehicle at the time and was in possession of a gun and ammunition he wasn't allowed to have those items as it could victim felon a sentencing date hasn't been set faster approval of generic medicine better advice at the pharmacy counter some of the ideas in prison trump's plan to lower americans prescription costs taking on prescription drug prices president trump is also taking on long established practices that cement the relationship between drugmakers and pharmacies for example in many cases a druggist can only offer lower cost options if a patient inquires our plan bands the pharmacist gag rule which punishes pharmacist.

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