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His father mark schmidt's told a saint louis radio station that his son who is on his first appointment had always wanted to serve his life. Meant so much more. I'm so incredibly devastated. That i won't be able to see the man. He was very quickly growing into becoming. He was informed of his son's death after middle of the night. Knock on the door. The marines came by last night at two forty in the morning to give us the horrific news. I wish again not everybody. We didn't have all the information on them but That is one aspect of it that i know every parent who has a child who's deployed just dreads and. I can't imagine but that's what that's like next. We have navy hospital. Cormon maxed soviak age. Twenty two of berlin heights ohio. His last words to his mother over video. Chat kitsch kip and rachel soviet told the post were of comfort. Don't worry mom guys got me. They won't let anything happen to me. His parents recounted today she realized that they all just went together his sister marilyn posted a tribute on instagram. Saying her little brother was in afghanistan. Serving the hospital corman. He was the lone sailor killed in the attack. My beautiful intelligent beat to the sound of his own drum annoying. Charming baby brother was killed yesterday. Helping to save lives. My heart is in pieces. And i don't think ever fit back right again. He survived by kip and rachel and twelve of their other children. Mark twelve of their other children. His parents offered comfort to the other families affected by thursday's attack Not that somebody had sent to me. I guess was looking at his social media. Page because a lot of people do want to humanize. Who are these names for these people and this kind of out of this strange curiosity you type it in and said he. He followed z. Bt four play barstool. He was just had a lot of just like a wonderful human being from his instagram. A lot of people saying he seemed like just a wonderful person marine corps. Sergeant johanna rosario twenty-five lawrence massachusetts and this one. I'm just sharing a twitter thread that chap's had found shared. Because this is what you were talking about chaps the personal things that people were sharing affirmations. I don't know if you wanted to go through this one. This one came from her former. Oac which is officer in charge so he was probably a boot second lieutenant early first lieutenant whenever he was an had a working relationship with her and he says and it's a beautiful tribute he said. Last week thirteen american service members died in action. While processing afghan men women and children for evacuation to the united states. Each death is tragic worthy of equal parts sorrow admiration and appreciation. The one name left me heartbroken. You may have seen her listed as sergeant giovani. Rosario or sergeant giovani rosario potato. But i knew her a sergeant rosie and i had the honor of serving as officer in charge for fifteen months before she headed to the middle east. Rosie was from warren's massachusetts so we instantly bonded over shared ex-pat mass whole lineage. She was fiercely proud of her heritage as dominican american and wholly devoted to her mother. Brother sister and niece was the same ages as my daughter in on a weekly basis. We compare pictures of how fat they were. both getting. rosie was so proud of her. Rosie was a student. She took online classes at columbia college throughout her unless she talked about how. She wanted to set a good example for his siblings. Niece had show that hard work would lead to success as of life last week she finished eighty three of one hundred twenty required units..

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