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Bond. Gildo Zegna bark. Maybe you listen. Here's what I want to tell you. Okay? First of all the dog is you said 14 years old, 14.5 years old. Okay, chances are the dogs sense of hearing is not the same as it used to be. That's number one. Number two. The system is not the same as it used to bait. I'll give you a prime example. Okay? I used to be able to sleep till eight or nine o'clock in the morning. Now, every morning I am up no later than four o'clock four o'clock is a late day for me. My biological clock has changed Grant that I take a nap it three in the afternoon, Virginia, But the thing that I would stress to you is that my biological clock has changed. And it's no different with our pets. As they get older. There's changes in their clock is well, maybe he has to go out a little bit more frequently. So what's the last time you take the dog out at night again? We take him out about 9 45 Okay, 9 45 and then walking him in the morning would be fine if the dog was eight years old. Seven years old, even nine or 10 but a 14 year old dog going from nine o'clock or 9 30 till the normal time in the morning is a pretty long time. So if possible, what I would recommend that you do is you can get him out a little bit later. That would be really beneficial. What also want to know is how often do you feed him? We feed him twice a day on when we've seen in about five in the morning, and it's out just before five in the evening. Okay, so that's fine. But I might try to do is you might want to give him a little bit of a feeding a little bit later. So you might want to feed him. Maybe instead of five document want to feed him in six or seven o'clock, You know football is going to make him sleep a little bit longer. But quite honestly, with a 14 year old dog. You know, I had to say goodbye to my sister last year at 16.5 years old, and he got me up towards the end the last six or eight months. And you know, three o'clock four o'clock in the morning and I would get up three or four o'clock in the morning every day to this day, just to have him back with me. So we need to take into consideration as our pets get older, so the same thing happens. With their changing behavior. Now there aren't things you know you might want to speak to you that maybe there's something to give you to help the dog sleep a little bit better, but I think at 14 years old, you have to get him out a little bit later at night. I think that's going to make the difference for you between you. But they won't like it if you don't see them. You know, around five. He'll be going up. So what you do is give them a little food at five o'clock and then giving the rest of his meal. About seven o'clock or 6 30 Don't give it to him all at one time. Sounds good. Okay, give it a shot. Yeah, give it a shot. Let me know. But I also want you to understand that the dog is 14 years old. I mean, it's it's No decided the way he hears is different. The way he smells is different. The way he sees is different. The way feels is different. There's a lot of things from this doggy dementia all time. All these things come into play, so I always say, Let's give the dog he's given us 14 years. So you know what if you have to get up a little bit early to take him for walks, so be it. But try feeding him later. I think that's going to make a difference. Let me put you on hold and I'm going to send you I'm going to send you some hemp seed oil for for calming that might help with the Digestion also make it let him sleep a little bit later, and I appreciate that phone call. A great time to give me a call. I got lots of great stuff to give away on today's show. I'll be giving away my own hugs and kisses supplements. I begin away Lucy Pet food, those amazing T shirts that say none of my friends walk upright. Copies of my behaviour books either Dog or cat, Lucy Pets, cats, incredible cat litter authors who gold emceed or like I just gave away and mushroom Max. Many of the items I give away as I said, our 25 35 40 bucks and more, So it's a great time to give me a call. I will answer your petting an animal questions and at the same time Ah, great gift will be on its way to you. The phone number here with the picture show 87772582558777258255 877725 80 to 55 That is the way to get through. As I said, everyone their calls and what gate get a great gift for their dog. You can let me take a quick break and right back to your phone calls. You know you've heard me talk about Lucy Pet food and they're amazing, prebiotic formula. But the benefits of Lucy Pepper go way beyond that. I've been feeding my guys Lucy Pet food since the beginning, and I got to tell you, Molly and really are amazing Lucy paper, it is not being fed to police departments, municipalities rescues all across the United States and Canada. I get the response in the response is what amazing product This is. So I want you to hear from Officer Danny Kass in Danny's An incredible guy. He's the head Sr que non officer Danny, I know that you've been working with police dogs for well over 20 years. And I know that dogs feel good work better, just like people do. It's common sense. But just like professional athletes, the dog you work would have to be on the top of their game. Every time they go on patrol. Your life depends on it. So with all the pet foods on the market, all the opportunities on the market. Why is it that Oxnard Police Department and so many of the police department in municipalities across the country and Canada choose to feed Lucy Pet food? And what is some of the benefits? You guys were actually singing? I've been trying different types of food for about 20 years..

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