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And is this person who has not been through the battle of New York has not been alongside? The avengers has not fought alongside these people doesn't know any of these people, but is being brought into this universe, where these people know, her, and they know her legacy and they know what she's capable of and they know what she's accomplished, and she has to kind of like reconcile with that stuff. Is that a way to bring black widow back into the mix or does that feel? Cute too much like cheating is that something that you could see happening in the future. Candidate do what you said. Yes. Do I think should they I would lean? No, I think for me personally, honestly, I actually am like of the mindset that the original avengers, save Thor. I'm okay if they are like done done like I'm okay with, like, candidacy hall again, though, for sure maybe. But I don't know if we have to is what I'm saying you know what I mean. Like I think we can see hulk again. But if we'd never see him again, I'm okay with that because I feel, I feel okay, we're her story ended, and I think he s it sucks that, that was the way black widow stories ended, but I think it you know, you could do that, but it would feel I think a little too cutesy a little too much cheating. I think Amora works because, you know, it was something that anos family was such a huge aspect of it. And you create a story that is natural for where guardians three can go, the idea of searching for Gomorrah, totally aligns with the trajectory of those characters in that story bringing black. Widow. I don't necessarily think it aligns with a greater broader story that said, I of course they do that. I'm going to be buying in watch it. They've, they have yet to do something, where I'm just like, oh, I don't like this, like the marvel movies of at this point gotten enough goodwill that I'm just kinda like all right. I'm in. And, you know, I just think that they've introduced a time travel mechanism that makes something like that possible. Like, I think like, you know, like I'm so satisfied with the iron man story that I hope we never see, like, Tony stark back at least in like any kind of traditional form. I think we could see him in some sort of Jarvis form and actually, I think that would be fantastic. But I hope that, like there's no future main, Tony stark story, at least not for another decade or so. They could build something like that. But I feel like with, with black with a while they're doing their literally making a black widow movie like why are they doing that? If they don't have plans for her. I just I can't imagine something as tightly plotted as the MCI. You leaving her out in the cold as they move forward into the future. I feel like it just feels like such a strange choice. I'm here for it, if that's what they end up doing. But I also feel like there's just got to be some way to pull her back in. And I think that the way that they've articulated, their rules of time travel. They've come up with a solution potentially to bring her back into the mix. Well, I mean, unless that movie setting up Yuliana Bolovia, as you know, the next black widow in which case like, that's you have the, the essence of a black widow character without having to tasha back, which I think can work like, if that movie is like a subtle setup for you know, you're laying coming in, as, as an ex black widow following the events of endgame. Totally tracks totally make sense and an wild that they have established time travel in the MC you I don't think it's a card. You can play too much, like, I think I think going from time travel to now splintered realities. I think works I think if you use time travel, too much it becomes almost like a two day. Oh, sex monk in a. Situation yum. You know you can only do time travel for one season if you do it for beyond season. Josh, that's when the show falls apart. There wasn't a ton of time. Travel beyond season. Five of I know it was it was, it was actually alternate realities. Funny enough of a sorts Littler, we're not we're not gonna talk about that I get to pick and choose when we talk about Damon Lindelof shows, you don't get to dictate that. All right. So let's talk. Let's talk more time high stuff. Just kind of broadly. We've already talked about some of the, you know, that the wonky nece of time travel, generally. Well what, what's the highlight reel for you? What are what are your what are your give give us the hits at the time? Highest, what are the things that you loved the most all the cameos like honestly, all the cameos every time a character showed up? I was like, oh my God. You know, like having to ancient one back, I, I you know, I know that the casting was very divisive at the time. But, like I thought Tilda Swinton in this movie like was incredible as ancient one just the way she delivered her lines, interactions with the hulk. She was phenomenal. And it really almost made me be like manic. I don't wanna see like a eight. At one prequel with are now. So she was great having the moment with Tony and cap going back to the sixties or yes. Sixties I believe it was sixties or seventies to a get the cube in the past and having Tony interact with his dad was grade Robert Redford showing up like there was just so many cameos in moments of Rene Russo that, that I just that to me was the big highlight having so many players ca pop in for a moment to make a cameo in. I really, really loved from a fan perspective, and captain America, finding captain America like that entire thing. The that is America's ass was great gatty moment, where he enters the elevator that we all thought we're going to get a redo of that em him implement the hail hydra was phenomenal. And yeah, that scene of the to shields clashing, I think, out of everything in terms of like the action in the moments that's the one. During a time highest that I really, really loved. So that, that's where I stand on that. Yeah. I think Michael Douglas's flashback hair was my favorite. I mean, everyone was so excited to see, like the original ant man helmet in in, Hank Pim's lab. And I was just so excited to see Michael Douglas's nineteen seventies helmet hair. I was the thing that I just I thought it was so great. I it's it is amazing how much like that technology. I remember an expert on the last day and where they young if I'd people that it was just like, oh, that's really weird. I don't know how like how that look at now, you know, now, we're going to have a movie where Will Smith spacing Will Smith. And he looks like young Will Smith. And I'm kinda like that looks good. Like, you know, like the, the leap in effect. And like I feel like at first we were also against it to now. I'm just kinda like yeah. If we can have more sixty south flashbacks of ridiculous hair in into it. I loved the time. Highest I know that the time highs suppose a bit to fan service for some people, but this is the ending of an era, you know. I think they are they have earned the victory lap as far as I'm concerned the amount of money. They have made with these movies, while for the most part, delivering, really high quality movies some exceptions. Of course along the way. But I think they're batting average is, is really pretty. I don't know. You say a batting a batting average is high is a good thing. I believe that's correct. They have a high batting average, Kevin Madeo more wins than losses on their record. So I think that they can take some time to really celebrate their own history. And I think that they did it in a way that was really funny. What we didn't even talk about like this them going and seeing star Lord, dancing, and singing to himself and being such a spectacular Guber. There was so funny. It was just so funny. That was an incredible Beaumont. I you're right. That would that's up there as well for me just being able to cut the see what it was, like from the outside perspective of him, dancing, and singing because, of course outside, you can't hear the music was such a great comedic bit also. I'm I'm not sure about the batting average situation Josh at my extensive baseball knowledge is the unauthorized bash brothers experience. Yes. Oh my God. They call you Jose. And I'm Mark, Mark. Yeah. So that was you're right. That moment was was amazing. And I can't believe I forgot it. When are they going to let the lonely island do a marvel studios movie is what I want? Gosh, I don't know. Like who could do a dazzling movie. Now that Disney has the FOX movies back dazzling or maybe like new warriors, the reality TV version of new warriors or oh God. What was the east coast vendors? The Great Lakes, vendors give them like the squirrel girl team situation. Like I think they could do something incredible with that sticking in two thousand fourteen stuff where the great star Lord sequence takes place. This is the version of Banos that's going to become the new anos for the rest of the movie old Thanos the new anos. We're going to see the you know, the damore before she met the guardians of the galaxy series. So she's like ready to, to flip the switch on fantas. But hasn't quite done that, yet. Yet. And nebula is still very mean in this time line. And I feel like now is a great time to talk about the fact that Karen Gillan as nebula is like the unsung hero of this movie. There's so much that happens in this movie. That's so spectacular in great that not enough time has been spent on talking about just how fantastic nebula was as a character, and some of the very best acting I have seen in a superhero movie coming from her. Yeah, I think she did a great job. I think a lot of people, you know, I'm a doctor who fan and I really loved her character on doctor who and I always thought she was she was very talented. You know, I saw a couple of episodes of her short lived series of John show selfie. And I, I always enjoyed her, I think this movie like you said, really gave her a chance to shine to play these two tragic versions of the of this character that both felt like the same character starting point. But, like, obviously diverged in two different ways. And I think she did such a good job of conveying those subtle intricacies of portraying does to different people. And. Yeah. She was really really great that the scenes with her in Comoros. Specially knowing how far they came as characters knowing how far their story had come to see them almost regressed, but nebula being the one to like, extend that hand forward was really great and really great for the character as well..

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