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Much from Slovenia unless there's another family that is doing research and then you can peek into their family trees sure for my grandfather I had nothing on either grandparent except the father of my grandfather because he came over at the same time too but somebody contacted me on one of the genealogical fights and said Hey I know a lady that wrote a book about the blocks that's my maiden name in the region that you're talking about so he gave me access to this lady's family tree I think she has passed away just recently but I was able to take the blocks back to about sixteen seventy wall and now I'm interested to see where they came from so yeah I might have to hire somebody to to find a rates through for you I mean that has absolutely blow your mind yes and it's happened only about a week before my trip otherwise I would have gone over there was nothing the names you know but you had the name of the place they were from I would assume right the name of the section of the capital where my great grandfather had moved to but I didn't know where his birthplace was until I got that email from another Slovenian who knew the woman that wrote the book you've obviously done a lot of homework you did that before you went over there which is the right thing to do were you finding they were helpful to you when you got to the archives there yes I belong to the Slovenian genealogical society international and they gave me from him they had nothing on either of my the the more tunes or the box but they do let me know the name of the lady in the beyond the capital's archive and I wrote to her in the birth certificate started company and and I've got that family back to great great great grandparents well that's really impressive for Eastern Europe I mean that's that's really unusual you're doing a heck of a job so you met up with the translator there you wanted to go places what was that experience about had totally awesome he showed me all the highlights as we went to the different towns we went to the one town that my grandmother was from which was called random today and I had the old house number he knocked on that health store and there was a this man's grandfather was my great grandfather's brother so that's pretty close wow and he called another lady in town whose name was mayor tunes field and she and her sister were the nieces of my grandmother and they had letters from her they knew her you know and and a lot of questions that they did but I mean that's an amazingly close find going back that far and to be on that side of the world after that experience right my translator spoke excellent English and he didn't have a shy bone in his well that helps a lot so how did how did he find easy would knocking door to door right it only took one door it only took one door okay so you're just looking with that one address I actually had to I knew that the next generation back had a new their house number two okay so you have the house numbers they're still family members living there tell us about your experience with them today wine and dine you did they want to take you to lunch feed your dinner get your stories exchange information what they do well the first day we've talked they ask some questions and then they invited me back the next day for lunch which was really awesome all had to be translator take game two and we had pork in gravy and I think they call them smashed potatoes they still have some chunks in them the one sister grows herbs in her garden including carnations I guess they put those suits and the salad was just wonderful so you had this cultural experience what did you learn from that I mean from the things that they shared with you that you didn't think about or you hadn't known about well my mother told me my mother's not Slovenian but she told me that my for the Indian grandmother made stews a lot and I was surprised to see it with more pretty much meets the Tate is gravy vegetables of course salad and I learned that they love and I do too pumpkin oil okay yeah you you make your salad I even put some ranch dressing on and then you put a dash or whatever of pumping oil and a dash of maybe pomegranate vinegar that's pretty good so they have photographs for you they showed me a picture of my grandmother's mom and dad and all the children my translator took the picture and I've lost of something now I've got it on it some drive and I'm hoping it turns up at the bottom of the bag if not I can write them and ask them to email it to maybe your translator has a copy of that too right I don't know we took pictures of the tombstones again to cemetery and I donated that too findagrave dot com which is the site that actually helped me find my great grandmother from serving the and she was buried in the town where my dad is buried but dad didn't talk too much about his family you know what does it matter it's over here right so you were looking you were in the same house though that your ancestors actually lived in right right what was that experience what was that feeling like as you went room to room I didn't really go room to room but that the house was very solidly built I mean it would have to be though I didn't go into the old one is that had been in the family probably for ever because they were pretty much closed up but I went into two that had been remodeled and and they were nice and sturdy they had a lot of wooden furniture what was the one thing that really struck you about this trip is absolutely magic absolutely every saying but just the fact that I was able to speak to members of my family who want we knew I existed but they had no idea that I was coming it was like here I am I think there are people who are well aware that there might be second or third cousins on the other side of the pond and they know maybe that you must be there but to know specifically who you are and that you come looking for them that's got to be quite an experience for everybody involved right if that happened to me here I was really shocked the sun wouldn't it you know I love what you mentioned about the Slovenian the organization the association that you belong to because I think that's a great tip for anybody looking to go especially into Eastern Europe and and do some research because there can be an awful lot of resources that they can share with you are you aware aware of other organizations for different countries in that region there is one for he found one for Austria they might be helpful in the future you you just do a search on the internet and say town Derian ancestry or something like that and all those will pop up yeah it's a great thing to join an associate with other people trying to do the same thing because Eastern Europe is a bit of a challenge for anybody who's ever tried to do this and it sounds like you had an extremely successful trip right now the trip was organized by the Slovenian genealogical society international through colander travel K. O. L. L. A. N. D. E. R. I believe and they had done this a handful of times in the past so there was a group with you yes and that was another neat thing I mean we all knew the same Slovenian song that our grandparents and parents used to sing to us the new only skin Pegula I get on the bus well I love hearing the stories because it really reminds me that there are a lot of adventures out there for people to have that maybe they just haven't considered is doable or how to go about it and I think you've given people a lot of great ideas for that are you going to be able to extend some of those lines that you found or is that something that's going to have to wait for another trip I did some last night actually my great grandmother I knew nothing about her background and I found some notes the told me her sister and her mother and father wow what sounds like a world of fun Nancy and I wish you all the success in the world as you continue to extend what most of us would consider very difficult lines to extend thank you she's Nancy more from Charleston West Virginia just back from Slovenia and this segment has been brought to you by familysearch dot org and coming up next we're gonna talk to my friend Bernice Alexander Bennett she is a genealogy podcaster plus a researcher at the National Archives in if you're thinking of.

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