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United states in north korea to work towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula there is no mention of the words verifiable or it advisable nor are there signs of the bold steps promised by the us secretary of state mike pompeo the two sides have promised to hold followup talks and work on efforts to build lasting and stable peace regime that is also not the peace treaty mr kim was hoping for bought this is at least a start the image will be of usually at a cliff north korean leader shaking the hand of the united states president the summit was how to define star hotel in singapore before the meeting both men appeared together smiling in front of a display of american and north korean flags they then went on to hold onetoone discussions with only their interpreters present it was the first meeting between a sitting us president and the leader of north korea less than a year ago the two men were exchanging insults and threatening each other's countries with annihilation mr trump branded mr kim little rock ban on a suicide mission the north korean leader had described the us president as a mentally deranged otani now washington hopes the summit will kick start a process that will eventually lead to the denuclearization of north korea campaigners are worried the north rights violations are being glossed over you're listening to world news from the bbc a charity shape which rescued more than six hundred migrants in the mediterranean has yet to begin its journey to spain the aquarius has been stranded after italian and maltese authorities refused to allow the migrants to come ashore in their territories the people on board have been supplied with fresh provisions by the maltese navy and the italian authorities all always vermont who's the medicine song frontier coordinator on the aquarius told the bbc what was happening maybe she maybe she won coastguards italian coast guard ships coming now from dow both to to to arrive on unseen and then we their intention is all three ships so these two sheep and our would say to to spain house of the uk parliament the house of commons is about to begin two days of debate on the withdrawal dell the.

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