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Our I do. Strand of information overload our 809 for one. Shawn is our number. You want to be a part of the program. You know, the mob, the media, the disconnect, And at times I kind of wonder to myself scratched my wooden conservative. Hadn't I say? Well, they really this full of hypocrisy or if they convince themselves that they are these great Champions off all things truth and fairness and balance and objectivity and that they really believe that they're journalists. And I kind of look at the media. The reason I call him a mob because they have a mob mindset. And all the old tweet each other. They're all friends with each other. They will hang out with each other. They all want to outdo each other in terms of their pure other psychotic hatred of all things, Donald Trump and and hitting on the people that suck As Donny Deutsch says that, you know, shop it Wal Mart and voted for Donald Trump on smell and near irredeemable deplorables and everything else that people have been called if you don't agree with them anyway, so we've reported a lot about this, and they never accepted the results of 2016. Her They Russian hoax conspiracy. Trump Russia collusion true Thursday that have been out there They never apologized. They never got it right. They never said we were wrong and everything guys like Hannity and a few others or right, which they would never do. Um and it just to me just is what it is. They are who they are. It's really that simple. You know, I'll give you an example like to get lectured on accepting the results of the 2020 election when you're looking at real whistle blowers because I thought like I thought they liked whistleblowers. It's certainly like the one anonymous here, say, non whistle blower in the Ukraine impeachment hoax. You know, and they went for years reporting false story After false story about Trump Russia collusion, for example, I'll play it that sort of dossier of.

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