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It's like twenty nine dollars a month and I continue to pay it because they have thousands of files and hundreds of folders yet. I'm afraid if I transfer them more loose of them amount, but I'm going to call them up and see if I could get that reduced. And, but like I said, the attachment, some of them are attachments I've gotten before, but I noticed within the last few months, I just can't open them. And do you think there could be a setting that any to turn off or maybe turn on. They have a few options here that we can put a link up for you have to do with this issue how to deal with attachments and in well, there there could be settings that you've got protecting you like security settings that are saving you from a potential attack. But if you're paying you're paying, you should ask them specific question for twenty nine bucks a month. They should be able to make sure it works for you to somebody told me that, but having been able to confirm it, not that I can see, but I only looked at it for a few seconds so far, but AOL is really not the most professional of approaches when it comes to Email. So I'd also tell you to to Chuck it and go to something more professional. That's just me. I thought about it, but I, I have so much on them so long. I'm just freak to make a tree here. You rich and that's why they got you. We'll put a link up here for you. I do predate the call. We're coming up against the heartbreak serve. Okay, thank you very much. We approach our pleasure. Thank you. We're going to be stepping out Dr lessees in he'll give you a second opinion on your health advice. Thank you, Matt for producing. Thank you. My g for posting everything live to our website over a computer chocolate tab dot com. The name of the show dot com. It also works see next week. Approach, even if you're not one start with Lowes and pick up the brand's pros rely on and pick up the know how to get it done right with a reputation on the

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