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Without michael jordan but then suffered the indignity of being one of the few players ever to just simply powder and sit out a giant moment because his coach didn't call a play for that pictures from two thousand and nineteen too bad which is odd. I mean he just wearing a coup coach jason fan. I wish i wish it had been. I wish he'd gone to the gym that day. Because that is team troll. And i miss them. I miss them as i'm watching. That phoenix clippers game. That's the lowest scoring game. That's the first time this season's through guts that a team has won scoring eighty four points in the modern era of ofensive basketball and both of those teams. I was telling you mean this the other day. Both of those teams in the state with chris. Paul hurt and kawhi leonard out. Feel like they're playing to get to the championship round as forty five win teams because they're not quite themselves then they put up that awful awful game like that wasn't awful. That was not that was offensive. Struggled was no thank you. That was not great defense. That was just a whole bunch of missed shots. But here's michael mccann. And i wanted to get an answer to what it is that we were talking about last week. Sportico is where he is these days. Thank you. Michael is always for making time for us and we were just discussing whether it's smart or dumb for lamar jackson to not have an agent when he can only make so much money in that position and my guess is he'll be arguing to be the highest paid quarterback in the league the way that garoppolo was or that whence was at stafford was where what is your position on how much expertise lamar jackson has to have here and what he might be costing himself by not having an agent. Well thanks for having me on a secondly. I think it's wise to have an agent especially player of that stature. He has the financial wherewithal to bring an agent and and it's true that he would have to pay an agent but an agent does other things agent intermediary between player in the team and also is useful if any controversy surfaces plus an agent can be used for endorsement deals and marketing feels and things like that so. I feel like we do what he wants. He's a grown man and and he can. That's the path he wants. But i think generally having an agent especially when a controversy surfaces because if you wait until the controversy surfaces then you hire someone there that's a missed opportunity and having someone you're familiar with could be helpful in that situation michael. He does have an attorney is gonna help them. Negotiate this from a legal standpoint crossing the ts dotting. The i's i mean. Can he do that or she do that. Yeah but i guess the question is is that person as qualified with marketing deals and endorsement deals. If he has someone else doing that then i'm not sure not having agents that big of a deal because it would seem like he's he's basically a diffused You know the things that an agent would do to other people. So i don't i. It's it's a headline story. But i don't know practices at big of a deal. If he has several people doing several different things. Are you allowed. If you are lamar jackson to say i'll have an agent. But i'm only going to pay one percent. I'm not gonna do the three percent if you wanna be my agent. I don't want to give you millions and millions of dollars. I wanted to be one percent. Is that it is. There's a cap. I think it's two and a half percent is is the most recent but a lot of agents find that sort of offensive because it kind of undermines the industry wants an agent under a puts a lower commission rate on it puts other players in a position where they ask their region. Hey that guy's getting only giving up one percent. Why can't you do that. So i think it's frowned upon. But if he can negotiate a contractors and he likes those rosenhaus do that. I'm not sure i'd i'd i'd have to look at i. I don't know what his arrangements are. If he's doing that be honest. I just thought that that i don't know whether he's still doing it. And i thought once upon a time that was. He didn't care what the industry thought of what he was doing. He just wanted clients so he didn't care if he was undercutting the industry why would he yeah and and in some some lawyers do that with clients and it happens in other industries and i guess the question becomes does. Does everyone get hurt if if that happens. Because all of the agent center or getting less and maybe that's the market but it also it makes it harder for new agents as well because establish agents are going to have more clients so if you're a new agent and you're only getting one percent. It's harder to justify being in the industry. What if lamar jackson were to argue. Know what never mind this controversy stuff or a buffer between me and management. I wanna know management honest feelings about me. Don't protect my feelings. I'm not somebody who's that fragile. I'm okay knowing what this team thinks about me. And i don't want to give tens of millions of dollars to an agent. Yeah that's how the contracts were negotiated a long time ago where there weren't agents in the fifties and sixties where players would go and meet with the general manager but there were but there is a concern that that was sort of disparate unequal bargaining power. That the team is in a in a better position negotiate in that situation. Because you have someone who's older wiser. Maybe there are multiple people on the other side of the table to have more information than you do. I maybe that's less of a concern with contract figures being public nowadays. But i do think having an agent who can figure out what the market rates are. Maybe he can do that himself. I realize it's not as hard to do these days with the internet. But i don't know i'm of the school. It's better to have asian. But i'm not an nfl player. Lamar jackson will set the record for contract. Correct even though it's a bit tricky it's a bit tricky to try and sign his value because if he starts losing some athleticism seven years from now six years from now he might not be the player that he is right. Now yeah and we know. Nfl contracts are generally not guaranteed. And there are i. Think an agent in that space can play a in trying to dissuade a team from cutting a player or trying to open up discussions to renegotiating. He can do all those things. He just doesn't have the training that an agent would but hey if he can succeed at it. Maybe he'll start a new trend. Forgive me he's not gonna top. Patrick mahomes patrick mahomes. He's going to be somewhere between patrick mahomes. And whoever it is that's in second place but my guess is he will set the new standard for everything that lines up behind. Mahomes from last week's news. Michael what did you take. What were your interesting takeaways from everything that happened. Legally with the ncaa thing is a huge week because for one the supreme court unanimously ruled as we know that ncwa's caps on education related expenses are illegal and that takes away a significant argument for the nc double a..

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