Brian Dugan, Mercedes Benz Stadium, FBI discussed on Sean Hannity


Nocco says the FBI is also looking into possible federal charges against boy. A the Alday pirate party known as Gasparilla is Saturday and Tampa police chief Brian Dugan is urging everyone to enjoy themselves and pace themselves. The ultimate buzzkill is a set of handcuffs around your wrist. And you know, if you get arrested at Gasparilla, then shame on you. Because we've done everything we can we will be flexible and tolerant, and we asked the same that everybody here be flexible intolerant of each other Dugan wooden say how many officers will be stationed downtown and along the parade route. But he said law enforcement agencies from all over the area will be participating to make sure it's a fun and safe event allow maker in Arizona has proposed an interesting way to fund the border wall taxing. Pornography. Republican state Senator gale Griffin's Bill would require pornography distributors to only allow access to their materials. If a person pays a twenty dollar fee and provides identification proving they are eighteen or older representatives of the porn industry. Say the proposal is unconstitutional because it taxes speech, and you might have to take out a second mortgage for a ticket but food at the Super Bowl in Atlanta will actually be affordable officials at Mercedes Benz stadium. Say a beer will cost five bucks. Hot dogs will be to nachos three dollars. And it'll be five bucks for a cheeseburger, the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams meet on February third in Super Bowl fifty three. It's five O five on NewsRadio. WFL a stock zigzag then finished higher. The Dow up one hundred seventy one point seven tenths percent to twenty four thousand five seventy five the NASDAQ up five to seventy twenty five and the s&p up five points to twenty six thirty eight following solid earnings reports from IBM United Technologies and Proctor and gamble. The three where the doubts top. Three performers, but Wall Street is still worried that global economic growth is slowing the head of the White House council of economic advisers says of the partial government shutdown continues through March there is a chance of zero growth this quarter a week after nets lakes hiked the price of its most popular plan by two dollars. Hulu is cutting the.

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