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So the other guy who's racing took a state offer and pled guilty toe vehicular homicide and unlawful racing and is now serving a six year prison sentence. So the other kid who got all of the time was not offered a plea deal, instead decided to an open plea to the court, leaving his fate in the hands of the judge. Nash gave him four times the sentence. Murano and gotten in Murano, Um Going for six years. They'll say, I'll probably be out in four So I get it. This is the kid that actually the car physically hit the woman. But that is a that is a large large gap in the appellate court is now agreed to hear arguments on the appeal motion. If they grant the defense request here will be given a new sentencing hearing and prosecutors would have the Victimsfamilies testify again. So you know Don't even really feel comfortable saying it's wrong because There's a family out there who lost their their daughter, their wife, their baby. They're grand baby and knowing all of that, it's very hard to say This kid shouldn't go away for a long time. But when you look at what the other kid got, and when you look at what other People in situations like this have gotten. It's nowhere near that. So I I do probably foresee this being overturned in some form or fashion and him getting a reduced sentence. I think it is pretty messed up that one of them got the plea deal, and the other was not offered a plea deal Well, and you know, I wonder if it's messed up or not, because that kid although he was racing his car was not the one that hit the woman in the baby, So he was racing, but I don't know it, Z She is a good point. Should he get the same exact punishment as the guy whose car physically hit them? I don't know. But then again, if there's no race taking place if half of you know if the racing counterpart is erasing the other guy probably would be driving this fast. So there's definitely blame to go around and is not spread around evenly at this point. We've been talking a lot about the situation with unemployment in the state of Florida, and things are about to get tweaked even more when it comes to Unemployment and what you're gonna have to do. If you want to continue to get an unemployment check. The customers are back. But many restaurants and businesses across Florida say they need more help to keep up with the man they could soon. Seymour application start to come in thanks to the reinstatement of requirements to receive unemployment benefits Starting today, anyone receiving unemployment benefits We'll have to submit proof each week that they're actively looking for work in the Bay Area. That means submitting at least five applications each week in registering with a local career source center. The labor shortage in the hospitality industry has caused several restaurants to scale back hours and shifts so This is happening everywhere. I don't know why I thought it was mostly just a Florida thing problem because we're getting back to being busier quicker but making the trip up to Georgia. We hit spots in Georgia multiple spots that were closed or were half closed or red short in their hours because They can't find anybody work. We went to Ah, no. One of your favorites, Joey. We went to a Duncan that was was closing periodically throughout the day, and we're keeping the inside closed and they had a note right on the door. That said, we can't Week. We can't staff so we can't have the inside open. We went to a restaurant that was up in the mountains in McCaysville, Georgia, and there was a sign on the door. Hey, we're ready. But we're only seating half of our restaurant because we don't have the staff to keep up with the full restaurant, so it's happening everywhere. The money that was coming in is going to stop as of June 26. That's the extra federal $300. So you know, a lot of people have a problem with this. They think they're taking money from people that need it. But at the same time, I think we have to take it away to try and help the business is out there on I understand that sounds cold and callous to some. But if you're a business owner Who can't thrive or can't even work, not because there's not people to come to your business, but because you can't find employees. I think we owe them a fighting shot as well. And when we pull this money away and make the requirements a little harder now, with five applications a week, I think maybe you're going to see some of these jobs come back. And if if you are a business owner out there, I would love to hear from you if you're having a tough time locally. Staffing your establishment. I would love to hear from you 727579125 or 1 807 711025. Let's take a break when we come back. Lots and lots to get to the bear. I feel I ever since we started talking about bears all the time. It's become a felt, you know, self fulfilling prophecy because we've got we now have a bear in Pasco. We've gotta bear in Safety Harbor. There's a video going around the Internet. If you haven't seen it. That is absolutely insane. That is pretty much a woman who could be elderly fighting off a bear. With her bare hands, and I mean her her actual hands. She she herself does not have the hands of a bear s o. We'll talk all things bear related. And our governor Ronnie Di never let a day go by without doing something controversial or signing a new bill. He has signed a new one. I'm curious to get your guys his opinion on load up the phone lines. Business owners if you're having a hard time finding help 7275791 of 251, 807 711 or 25 drew grab alive. I'll be right back. You're listening to drew. Go Rob a live on 125. Congratulations to the cattle Bay Lightning go boats from one or 2.5. The bone. And now another bone traffic update from the state Touch security traffic center. I'm meeting with the traffic on one or 25 the bone that I 75 North bound accident and Brandon around state Road. 60 is causing serious headaches for people. The left and middle lanes are blocked there, saying there are delays of up to an hour to go around it. If you're not already stuck in the middle of it, and Landau lakes, there's a brush fire reported around state road 5 89 smoke in the area. They're asking people to use caution around there and in Saint Pete around 102nd half New North. There's a crash with a roadblock. So avoid that intersection if at all possible with your traffic 100 to 5 the bone I'm Ethan from the safety and Security Traffic center. I'm.

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