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Jon Gruden, Khalil Mack, Derek Carr discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


They when he was in the New York, believe and know are still calling it. And then now the world seeing that, you know, he's a baller. He's he. So you believe in fits magic is what you're saying? Absolutely. Believer in fits magic art, my Kevin's good to chat with you as always now, I know why don't get text from you because I don't. I don't hit you up often enough now. Now, I'll know. Procedural take care. Mike Evans, it's Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fresh off. Seven catches a buck forty seven in a score here in the rich Eisen show. All right at Mike Evans, thirteen. Underscore on Twitter, man. Few words, Mike Evans, and a few words. Let's play a few words. Big place out there on Gavin's combat. All. Out there on the field. Let's take a quick phone call here before four get to the top of the hour for our three chat and Texas. You're here on the rich Eisen show what's going on Chad. What's on your mind Chad. Okay. I got a question so. The writers are gonna move to Las Vegas, correct. True story. Yeah. Okay. So I mean, what happens if Jon Gruden doesn't work out? I mean is that contract urine teeth? It's one game Chad. It's just a one game and you know, and yeah, here's, here's. Here's the the third rail with Gruden. Okay. I will get to the third rail with Jon Gruden having a ten year one hundred million dollars contract. There's your interrupt you, but no. Yeah. I agree with you about getting rid a Khalil. Well, hold on a second. He that he, he has come in and he saw the roster and it was obvious to him. They need to restock and in order to win. Now, what he did was get a whole bunch of veteran players and try and win right now to try and get at least some ws on the board. He doesn't wanna go full on full on foreign twelve. That's not why he came back, but here's the Chattan and I appreciate the call. Here's the deal. Here's the third rail for Jon Gruden that he decides Derek Carr is not the answer. Then what. That's the conundrum cars. One of the big reasons he took the job in the first. One of the reasons he took the job in the first place is ten years, one hundred million dollars. That's let's not get too lost the week because he liked number four. I mean, what's not to like number four, just coming in that he, you can't win with him. Now if you're going to take ten years, one hundred million dollars, but there was one moment last night where car forget the one that he threw right to the other team. It was just an awful rainbow interception. Last night was down ten, third and five pocket breaks down. He looks one way he kinda stutter steps and then flings out of bounce. They cut the Gruden and he just was shaking said now there's a lot to work with their. I'm not saying that it's unworkable now just one game, and that's a total knee jerk reaction. I'm giving you what the third rail is here with Gruden. He decides he's got a burn it all down to the ground. Last night. Whitney even said, Amari Cooper, he's out. We haven't heard from him in that. I need a big playmaker. You know, I love Whitten wit you were busy last year playing for the Cowboys. I had him in fantasy last year with the exception. One game against the Kansas City Chiefs, which I benched him. So yes, there's a little bit of that in this conversation. He's been gone. If if cars not that guy, what is Gruden do then does use one of these many draft choices that he's got from Khalil Mack to get another kid. Keep your appeal on that. What do you do there and what if Mark Davis thinks that, yes, car is the answer. What happens then get? I'm just giving you a third rail. It's just one one game in Tarrant kill him is gonna join us next.

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