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The system like i mean that's a whole fruit assists i got a six tendai can do that all day let's go to brian in and over ryan europe with johnston in flint here on the sports up arabic what i tell her throw her me your wicketpair work hear mark levin quick and all factors number one he added it plays out in the neck incurred there are no that hinders play at all number two i want to see what he can we get out of market smart and carry row year that in an minute number three with are you going to see if they're like it parents warmer quake art in the draft next year another guy comes along i don't think it makes sense for pay idea and then one fino quick dr arnn hatum i actually came across reading i didn't even know about it but he actually wanted the eerie athlete a year for all your years i know saarc name eric knowing is if i may add i don't follow high school sports i mean i don't know but now that now that am not let me let me back to follow college basketball the last three for years semi igor follow the top prospects is the the celtics are always going to be a play that even the next two seasons so but coming into laugh aziz at a duke i mean tatum was the guy like legitimately what are the top guys come out of high school and i think he just got off to a slow start obviously did hurt his draft status i mean he was number three pick but i think he got hurt yet her nearly kid in the team do gyles would have been drafted the i wanted a couple knee shoes and team started slow so we fell under the radar but by the end of the year he's praying really well and played well in the sec tournament an incredibly tournament but yeah i think he's legit like his attitude alike is demeanor alec brown to i mean brown's could be much more limited offensively than tatum is but i mean who knows.

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