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And then back to your desks. That kind of thing. What i wanna do greg is. I want to teach them how to lead it So yeah this level. But i want i want. I want leaders. I want to create leaders. Who lead it so if it's a kindergarten. Hey let's will train. The teacher and the teacher will train. The kids and the kids will take turns leading. Yeah everybody learns that it'd be a leader of it zazi now that takes it to the next level and do you think people are in your experience. I mean that sounds something that corporate environment would go. They go yeah. Of course we want leaders so it mixes with their needs as a business but also you're bringing in the the mystical spiritual which is the thing that's a little less tangible. I think sometimes for four magazine. it's a little. You know a theory in a way. Can you imagine a limit. Let me use classroom again as a as an example. But can you imagine if the teacher who was giving you even like the. Sat's a bar exam if they were trained and it was normal for them to hand. Everything's out the. The booklets are on the desk. No and instead of saying okay looking at their watch counting you often turn it over now and then just sitting there the hold up. What if they started off with. Let's let's just shake out for a minute you know. Let's just bounce on our feet. Let's let's just shake our bodies out. Whatever they need to do make sounds and then. Let's just sit down and close your eyes and imagine doing really amazing job on this. Yeah now let's exhale now. Let's all take a deep breath and together an exile and now on this next breath. Let's dig deeper breath in and employs and as we acts hail slowly slowly. Let's get ready to pick up the book and the pen saw seeing that all the answers come clearly to us and that we're doing even more am better than we imagine we ever could. Can you imagine if we started like that. You just took me out of trance That was Hey everybody listening. If there's something in your life where some project something. You're nervous about some big thing religion to that that'll help you. That'll yeah that was good. I'm absolutely with you there. I'm absolutely with you Can you imagine board meetings like that great. Can you imagine coming back from recess or lunch and just getting centered and grounded with the group. Can you imagine.

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