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Laura's Patani Act is our producer coming up. Moving speech to impeach President Trump for a second time. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi telling 60 minutes Mr Trump has demonstrated quote he is a very dangerous person. Maryland's community leaders hold a rally calling on Governor Hogan for additional aid. I'm Valerie Bone. This is a historic day for Maryland State police. John Aaron. Let me t o p news time. 8 31 CBS News Brief. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says a resolution will be introduced asking vice President Pence to invoke the 25th amendment on CBS's 60 minutes tonight. Pelosi critical of Mr Trump, he has demonstrated Once again, but in a much more substantial way that this president of United States is a very dangerous person. University of Virginia professor Larry Sabotage says an impeachment conviction would be very difficult. It would take something of a miracle to have a conviction in the Senate. Because there simply aren't enough Republicans willing to break with Trump even after what happened last week on the covert front, former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb says vaccines need to be more easily available. We need to try everything right now to create multiple distribution points. A lot of senior citizens aren't gonna want to go toe you know, Stadium to get inoculation is gonna want to go to a pharmacy, the local pharmacy or doctor's office. CBS News Brief. I'm Steve Futterman. It's a 32. There are also growing concerns tonight about a new round of violent protest in D C and around the country on January 17th concerns that follow that storming of the capital last week. The FBI and other authorities are engaged in relentless searches across the entire country, from New York to California to Alaska. And Hawaii. All 56 FBI field offices are involved and dozens. If not hundreds of people are being sought. How are they doing it? They're using digital forensics, analyzing images, social media messages and possibly meta data from phone calls. And here's why, In addition to investigating what happened last Wednesday, there's loads of evidence suggesting Armed protests are being planned and encouraged for the 17th of January and that is W. T. O. P s national security correspondent J. J Green. Meanwhile, Montgomery County's executive mark L. Riches among the critics of the Capitol Police Department. Despite that, he says local police will continue to respond if DC's mayor needs their help. More than 50, members of the Montgomery County Police Department's special events Response team had been sent to D. C to assist police after the U. S. Capitol was stormed by rioters. Montgomery County Executive Mark L. Rich said that when the black lives matter, protests were underway in D. C. He was clear he did not want county police used in crowd control of this is very different. This is people trying to overthrow the government. Hell, Rich said. Should D. C Mayor Muriel Bowser request help to keep order in the coming weeks? Montgomery County will provide mutual aid. Kate Ryan w T o P News and Still, I had another move to punish President Trump this one coming from D C delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. It's a 34 way made us a insurance for busy moms like Kate. She's a veteran made of flexibility to balance work home and her hobbies from starting the work day to finishing her latest. Do it yourself Project. So when another car accidentally bumped into hers while she was running an errand. Kate didn't let.

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