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Next report one thirteen WBZ's traffic on the threes. And now it's time for the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Let's go now live to meteorologist Dave Samuels. So Dave, I here we've got some showers moving through houses can affect game one tonight. It looks like most of the shower activity should pass through before the start of the game. So good news there, but we could be dealing with some downpours in a bad news for tailgating to see rain around about six or seven PM and against some of this activity could contain downpours. And maybe even some rumbles a thunder out there. But it looks like we'll dry out just in time for the Stargate. One first-pitch temperature about fifty two will drop to the upper forties by the end of the game the game last long enough us towards past midnight. There could be another shower around. But I think the line chair of the rain will occur during the afternoon today. Then temperatures turned chilly overnight all this activity is in response to a cold front will have a low of forty three than a chillier day tomorrow with highs in the lower fifty s while. Mccaskey wind as well. But it looks mostly rain-free tomorrow otherwise on Thursday, a windy cool day despite sunshine, the high fifty state chilly Friday for watching for store. Likud bring rain at some wind over the weekend. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Samuel WBZ. Newsradio ten thirty. Thanks. Dave right now on the vineyard. It's fifty eight degrees where it west fee are in Westfield. It's cloudy and forty seven. It's fifty four in Bedford and fifty four in Boston. The forecast by the way, brought to us by the Marlborough. Log and timber home show. Business owners fine. Quality health coverage for your employees at NHA health connector dot org. Celebrate energy awareness month. Find savings with solutions from mass save. Berkshire gas Blackstone gas company Cape light, compact, Columbia, gas eversource. Liberty utilities national grid and unitil start saving. Visit mass save dot com today. Build your dream home with confidence at the Marlboro logging timber home show this weekend, October twenty six th through the twenty eighth attend.

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