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Now with ad hoc legislative committee will investigate and decide whether and how to discipline the accused legislator a member of deleo sleater ship team. It's not clear, whether the female legislator who has not been named has or intends to file a formal complaint. Mcmurtry addendum democrat is vehemently denied the allegation at the state house, Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's NewsRadio eleven to you know, it was bound to happen. One two punch of winter weather is headed our way an inch or two of snow in some areas will cost slippery traveled tomorrow morning, WBZ TV meteorologist, Sarah Wroblewski, says bigger storm is expected in here Saturday night, we are talking about the potential of some heavy snow and also transitioning rain and just some very big impacts Saturday night into Sunday. And of course, we're watching for you here at WBZ. Keep it tuned, and you can always take us with you on the iheartradio app. It has been cold. But it doesn't mean all the bodies of water around. Here are safe. That is part of why today in Bedford first responders or practicing their ice rescue techniques. WBZ's Chris pharma's with us you've been watching the work over the oak grove cemetery. Chris what's this effort all about? Well, the effort is just to make sure that people understand the dangers that are involved when they walk out onto these somewhat frozen waterways. When there hasn't been enough time for the ice to settle and that's exactly what happened here on Sunday afternoon. A father and his daughter were ice skating, and they went crashing through the ice that set off an alarm and brought Medford fire department officials down here now at the time they gone here. The father of the daughter were extricated, and there was no cause for armed. They were treated just a little bit on the cold side. But that got oaks thinking, we.

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