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Goodyear. More driven. Hey, welcome back here on the middle of the week. We're about to jump on with Pete SAML in get his thoughts on the upcoming weekend as well as the CFP. Pete, let's start with the CFP and there's so many takeaways from last night. Intrigues you the most coming out of the second reveal. I think you just hear that breath of fresh air with new programs, Paul that we're going to be able to see in the college football playoff, obviously you have Tennessee right in the thicket of it of Oregon, which obviously made one appearance way back in the Mark helfrich era when they played for the title in the first year of the CFP. And then you have TCU who got snubbed that year and really hasn't been heard from at this level since. And so look, I'm sure there's some chaos theory where we could get the same old same old, but there's going to be some new. And that may involve a game being repeated that we've seen recently, but I do think there is just some juice and some energy for some new and for some heresy on this network, I guess. We could have two Big Ten teams right in the thicket of it as well with an argument for both to go the way that things have fallen. So we have been relatively controversy free in the college football playoff era, considering everything, considering all the variables, I think we put 32 teams in so far. And I would think maybe two of those 32 selections have come really shrouded in modest controversy. So I think we may be we may be priming for good little mud fight here to the end. And I realize we're coming up with arguments that may or may not exist, but one of them seems like and we were playing it in the clip a minute ago. What if it turns out to be a Tennessee versus Michigan conversation and I don't know how you figured that one out, do you? Yeah, which rematch would you like to see left? The one from last year or the one from last weekend. Exactly. Both of them were mismatches. There's no question. I think an interesting point there, Paul, is Tennessee went and played the defending ACC champion on the road. Not only that, they scheduled it 5 years ago with the intent to challenge themselves out of conference, Michigan canceled their game with UCLA. And that intent. Now look, it's hard. TCU played Colorado. Colorado hasn't been good for 20 years. But they at least like they challenge themselves with a power 5 game on the road. Michigan did no such thing, which is maybe help them form this dominating identity because they had times to find themselves. But they were supposed to play UCLA. They canceled that game the intent of their schedule is going to be a talking point in this because what I don't think the CFP committee wants to do is have Oregon cancel their Georgia game on a neutral field in order to play eastern Washington to just turtle up and preserve their record for the playoffs. So there's some fascinating philosophical debates that are going to go behind these team by team debates. Before we get to some coaching situations, I assume we're still waiting for the CFP to make its determination on when they're going to expand the playoffs. Are we any closer to that decision? It seems like they need to be moving on that if they're going to get it done soon. Yeah, the safe thing to assume about the CFP is the same safe thing to assume about NCA fractions cases. It will move slowly. It is log jam right now with a few of the issues that have been reiterated. I'm sure on your show the last few weeks, the rose bowl again, Paul has emerged as a thicket issue, which I'm sure will be greeted with a lot of eye rolls and a few choice words throughout the southeastern part of the country. And I'm sure there's quite a few commissioners that aren't in the Big Ten in the pack 12 who would also be greeting this with gridded teeth. The important part to remember about the CFP pre 2026, meaning years 11 and 12 years contract is it has to be unanimous. And you have ten conferences and Notre-Dame who all have vastly different agendas preferences, boards, presidential groups who make them up. So landing the plane on this was never going to be easy because you have to get everyone to get along. And look, some people are taking victory laps for getting to 12. Well, it took an extra basically a year and a half to get to 12. The college football postseason has a doctorate in making easy things hard. And they certainly are not going to abdicate that reputation once they get to the end here. I do just think, and I've said this on your show a bunch that there's billions of dollars at stake and money is the most powerful gravity. But right now, there are certainly some inertia and there's some things to work out. And the room is the room is complicated with the rose bowl at the forefront. Pete, joining us Pete, we were together Saturday morning in Athens, and we talked about the auburn situation. That was as John Cohen was getting his GPS figured out to find out where his office was in auburn. He's landed now. He has spoken to the media, where are we on that coaching search? Yeah, well, we have two recent coaching searches of John Cohen at Mississippi state to kind of go by and give us a blueprint of what could happen here at auburn Paul. And John Cohen is, as he sort of humble bragged about his 58 point plan or whatever it was, he is going to be thorough and he is going to be maniacal and that obviously helped them land Mike leitch, which was a solid higher for Mississippi state. They came pretty straight from left field when you look back when you look back at how that search unfolded, I guess it was two years ago. And then obviously he hired Joe moorhead, which didn't work and he moved on quickly from him. But those who've worked with John Cohen on searches will tell you he choose candidate after candidate over and over and over. There's going to be no stone left unturned I know that's an awful cliche in these things. But John Cohen loves coaching searches. He loves to challenge. He loves, he's a former coach himself. He loves analyzing numbers, analytics will be heavily involved in everything he does. It will be a painstaking and laborious process. He's just not going to sit back and hope someone lands on the doorstep. So they're diving in now. And I think the prominent names there remain the same as we talked about on Saturday morning call. You're looking at Matt rule, lane kiff and Hugh freeze, Bill O'Brien, Mark stoops, you know, somewhere in that in that range, but John Cohen definitely has made it clear he wants to go big and he wants auburn to reemerge in the national conversation, which it has faded from in recent years. There's only one of those coaches who is currently at home. I don't know whether he's at home or not, but he's not coaching, and that's not real. A couple of years ago, one of the top coaches in college at Bayer, that's how he ended up getting the money in the NFL. What can you tell us about real other than I believe he's getting $40 million to sit home? Yeah, I think in a lot of ways, Matt rule will be the hottest candidate in this cycle. And if he chooses to sit out because he doesn't think the jobs are good enough, he'd be the hottest candidate in the next cycle. So it's going to be a matter of how Matt rule is courted by the Nebraska as an auburn of the world. He definitively wants to return to college. Look his tenure in the NFL was a failure. It didn't go well. And I think it's human nature to want to go back and improve yourself. He was an excellent college coach. He took temple up and made it a conference title winner. I mean, temple was so bad in my lifetime. They got kicked out of the big east. And the biggie doesn't even exist anymore, so they got kicked out of a conference that doesn't happen.

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