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Pap pentagon nominated i cannot see it being sustained all the way through the year and then being made is like a convincing case wide should win and i think also to speak to your universal point disney and marvel of a lot irons on the fire and running a year long keep key black panther in mind which i feel like they did forget out can i just say something about disney and marvel black panther need this new marvel to do anything because he got black people lester of black people will give them in later for best picture if if it comes to that yeah i don't think that the spent this is the thing that time is like nauseating to me about though the relationship between the the corporate aspect of the type of the academy process and you know the popular aspect of the academy process and this is this is the crazy tension right now at win win january comes and you know you know selma blair in patrick wilson are reading the nominee that was a great live i don't know why i picked are you shipping them um when they read the nominees and black panther his they're given given the work i believe black people will do without disney and marvels prodding the like sincere belief that this this is already one of the best movies of the um it's going to be some really interesting cultural shit going on if that is own and it's almost like i don't i actually don't like that um because it.

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