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Not like it just exists in your life. you know. it's so strange n g you guys. Can you believe that. It's been seven years since i launched. Kim kardashian hollywood gave the video game a whole new makeover. it looked so good. You guys can now make a squad with your friends and our lots are awards to using the game. I'm obsessed you guys are gonna love it and there's even a chance to win shopping spree at saks. Khloe bailey's in trouble. People cannot deal with lloyd. Bailey being sexy. They can't really really doing anything. Which i think is so frustrating. Because like we're trying to like separate a little bit in have like a little bit of their own moments like halley as adult the little mermaid and chloe is performing nina simone at the The juneteenth special on abc. June tenth colin together. We try slow and she also performed it today on. Good morning got enough. You saw that this morning. Yeah she performed it again and didn't do this the quote unquote sexy stuff just more or less version. Yes she said. This is too early for me to like you know operate but yeah i mean first of all. She did an amazing rendition. She did her own version of it. I mean it sounds a similar but she kind of played with it. She used her own like amazed. she's like an amazing register. She took it all the way up and took it all the way down and people were like stop grinding to feeling good. And it's like why are always been in love with nina simone tradition of feeling and just feeling her joy in the pain and everything in her voice within that song. I wanted to make it my own. And so that's a lot of people. Were mad at her. But then she got the co-signed from the ultimate nina. Simone expert nina simone granddaughter. Riana simone oh. I thought you were. La boss boss was like leave her alone which i loved also looked. We feel like louis belly can't catch a break since minds or business but somehow seems to trend on twitter nonstop about either. Her sexual ways gorgeous demeanor or great performances. And they're right there see also she can't do anything without people being like why you know and it's like jesus christ relaxed but you really can't fault. Her talent like she's that's that's the thing people are going after her for those superficial things. You know like it's ridiculous. So anyway nina simone's granddaughter was like everyone's coming at khloe bailey. She added her for performance of mike. Rheinlander nina simone. Kelly yes needs mon feeling good. But y'all don't understand is that graham was a free spirited woman herself she would have loved that performance as much as i do. Relax khloe killed at hashtag. Nina simone and i was like that's nice but that's allies. Didn't i just see nina simone's granddaughter. Like in the headlines recently did because there is this huge battle that it's been happening for years and years and years and years basically ever since nina simone died in two thousand three but even long before wants. This tweet got attention. Columbia bailey one. She followed up being like. Hey i'm actually mean like a lot of people. Maybe had an of her she said i'm ms moans granddaughter and we actually aren't in charge of the Estate anymore because of this so she kind like brought it back to the forefront as well even though it was in the news not so long ago And so she was saying that. When kamala harris was attorney general she oversaw this case that ultimately led to like them not winning. It's really complicated. I really try my best to figure out the details of this. But it's kind of taylor's oldest time and in the music industry sense in a way that like a record label and the lawyer surrounding and artists. Who is now dead are like trying to take all of the rights to the music of the debt person and the family is like kind of left out in the wind. And they're like wait. What about us. And that's kind of the extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme cliff's notes daily beast wrote a good piece about it where they looked into the court documents of what was actually going on and whatever and there is. There is evidence that nina simone granddaughter. This woman was accused of quote breaching her fiduciary duty to the estate and trust by moving money into her own personal company. That maybe should not have been there. No not maybe. It shouldn't have been there shouldn't have been there to the daily beast who looked at these court documents and this was why she was taken out of the taking off the estate. Trust in terms of being the overseer so this is that is technically according to the courts. What happened right but then whenever you dig into the actual history you can't help but think that while yes what a arena. Did probably wasn't legal but do tree deserve to do that. Probably because nina simone's music and like a lot of remove a lot of her money has been like taken from her was taken from her over the course of her life so it sort of feels like she was owed it and knew that there was no way she was going to get it from the courts but she got caught when she did it this way. At least that's how it reads to me. But like every story about nina simone like every profile of her. Every biography of nina simone. Mentions these things where she could send to these battles with people over royalty payments over just being paid for her work. And there's this there's this really good part in this story sticks from believer from forever ago but she says typical of moments in hundred sixty one show..

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