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Some broken windows. Samak is Asians were made some arguments between boyfriend girlfriend boyfriend girlfriend on both sides one the barged into the apartment where he was shot by the other man, the case is now turned over the DA's office to decide if any charges should be filed eastern police trying to find whoever tied up a man shot a death in a ditch a passer-by discovered. The victim's body this morning along west twelve near Hempstead highway. Officers say tape was used to tie up the man's hands and feet. Anyone information should call HP? Houston is D. Student arrested this week on claims he brought a gun and drugs to school h. St. says staff at Austin high school family items Wednesday in Richard Duran's backpack. Police took the year old into custody short time later Duran's charged with carrying a weapon and a prohibited place. No injuries were reported. The Texas Senate passed Bill that would allow school districts to permit marshalls to carry firearms openly on campus. Current law requires marshalls to store their handguns in a safe or locks or to wear them concealed when they're armed this legislation. Let's school districts in charter school governing boards decide the matter of open carry for their campus marshalls better now goes to the state house gas prices around Houston have gone up. Again, you may have noticed Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas telling KTAR h there's no relief in sight. Just yet the pri- average went up three cents on the week sixty three now the average in Houston, and it's only six cents more than where it was last year and with the US ending waivers for countries importing oil from Iran. Armbruster says prices will likely continue to rise in the weeks ahead North Korea sitting too. Million dollar hospital. Bill to the Trump administration for treatment of American prisoner who died in two thousand seventeen before returning university of Virginia student Otto warmbier back to the US officials North Korea sent the US hospital Bill for two million dollars warmbier fell into a coma during his detention in North Korea in died in a US hospital and twenty seventeen source tells Fox News the US did not pay money to North Korea. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says the administration does not come on hostage negotiations, which is why they've been so successful during this administration. Warriors parents have sued North Korea over their son's death, awarded by US court more than five hundred million dollars in Washington, Jared Halpern, Fox News. It's four minutes past the hour. The CDC is confirming there a nearly seven hundred cases of measles this year with the vast majority in New York, the six hundred ninety five measles cases, are the most since the US clear that. Z's radicalized in two thousand the current outbreaks in New York are centered. In Brooklyn, Rockland county Dutcher Peter hotels, the Baylor University. College of medicine says there's a lot of misinformation out there. One of the things that the anti vaccine movement has been doing is portraying measles as a benign illness. Nothing more than a rash. Nothing could be more further from the truth measles. Outbreaks also have been saying in Washington state, New Jersey, Michigan Portland and Santa Cruz that Sara Lee Kessler reporting the mayor of Edinburgh and the Rio Grande valley arrested today on charges he rigged his own election. Mark Rylander with a tax attorney general's office says mayor Richard Bellina in his wife who was also arrested registered voters at several locations. So they could vote multiple times for him and the twenty seventeen city election voter fraud is an affront to democracy and places that decision making thirty the Texas electric in the hands of those who have no right to make those choices mowing his wife. Also in custody Molina narrowly defeated a longtime and come in. Edinburgh mayor in that twenty seventeen race one major drugstore chain looking to help America have straight teeth CVS is.

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