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I'm out Raskin. I may writer director and arm shaver. Hi I'm Gabby done John and I'm a writer by CON Bisexual. I got an extra have her. How's that going in this wintertime? Not Good Yeah are you. Taking short cool showers. Is that what you've heard about exit my mom has it. She says she's not supposed to take showers. Yeah but I love odd shower shower. I couldn't do it. Yeah what am I I mean what am I supposed to do. Does it have a prescription medication. No it's just dry and like Yeah ever prescription medication. And then I went out on a limb to try to new face wash. That's a mistake. What kind or should we not saying? Yeah no no no but yeah I like not even that. That's a bad face wash. It's just the thing of like if you change your skin routine even one second in your face decides to throw mutiny got it but you I mean you don't do what do you do so I have a face wash. Okay Sweetie well I use in the shower and then at night I use a makeup remover. Wipe yes see that's privilege. It's it's all genetics when people are like how did why is your skin like that. I'm like I'm lucky. Yeah there's not I can't promote any sort of skin care because it's just genetics. Here's the thing. Well I'M GONNA choose to believe it makes me relatable. Yeah that's just part of me being like you know a human on this earth like I'm just like you celebrities. They're just like us. You know what I mean I get a lot of rashes wear When I was in Mexico I got some rashes on my four arms What it's unclear? We're not sure sunscreen. No I second. We thought Papaya but then thank God. It wasn't that they you're allergic to Papaya And you're finding out now. I love it. So much at age thirty-one sorry Very red often. Yeah my chest gets very red. Yeah yeah but it's temporary. So who am I to complain. No I mean I just want to listen to try to be relief. I know listen acne averages out there I'm with you I'm here eggs Mahathir's hello lucky for us with our little dry patches. You know what I mean it. Just it just makes us humble just keeps us from being a he because otherwise I'd be perfect. Variety show filled with heartfelt advice. I want to say that I'm also. You're you're even if you do. I don't WanNa make it seem like you don't have. You're not perfect okay. Sorry I'm perfect just the way. I am ridiculous game and brutal honesty. We've got a great episode for you this this week. WE'RE GONNA be talking to Immigration Lawyer Marco who my dad set us up with we're GONNA be talking about visas. Green cards people seeking asylum in the. US is the immigration system working Hot Topic. You're not impressed that my dad hooked us up with though that your dad knows a bunch of lawyers. Yeah I've been wanting an immigration lawyer for a long time and Ken Raskin really pulled through on this one and later later we'll be discussing. What defines a healthy relationship? And how can it be different for different people. Oh boy but I heard.

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