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I'm Scott Goldberg with congress. Facing, a September thirtieth deadline to come up with a new budget President Trump. Is once, again threatened to shut down the government over, immigration Trump met with house speaker Paul Ryan and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell at. The White, House last week after that sit down McConnell said a shutdown wouldn't happen but that the, issue of border funding was unlikely to, be resolved, before the, midterms the president. Monday said at the White House that he would consider shutdown if the funding he wants isn't there always leave room for negotiation Karen Travers. ABC news the White House nine states are suing the, Trump administration after it gave the okay for a company to release brute blueprints online, for three d. printed guns it's, unprecedented, move is, not only disastrous. For public safety but undermines our state laws meant keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals Washington. State, attorney, general Bob Ferguson, CBS chief. Executive les Moonves survived. Today's, meeting of the, company's board of directors CBS declined to take any immediate, action against list moon vase following The publication of sexual misconduct allegations by six women in. The New Yorker the board had considered whether moon. Base good continue to run, the company while it investigates the claims a statement from CBS said the. Board, is in the process of selecting outside counsel to conduct the investigation the. Statement made, sure to include that no other action was, taken on this matter ABC's Aaron Katersky firefighters and Redding California continue to make progress. On the, so-called car fire that's now twenty percent contained but other fires continue to burn in northern, California ABC's Alex stone is in reading, well this, fire has, calmed considerably the. Situation is worse end on a group of fires burning in Mendocino county several hours away those fires are heading toward neighborhoods in Lake County. Kim crisis refusing to evacuate her home in lake port, despite orders to go worst comes at worst we could just run down jump in, the lake and more than fifty, five, thousand acres, burned in those..

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