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The man who died was identified as sixty year old harry taylor selena the driver of the semi was not injured dan o'neill king ss news a few showers or thunderstorms around tonight clouds and are low near seventy four for monday partly sunny early we might get a late day shower or thunderstorm going up to about ninety three showers and thunderstorms possible monday night and seventy four a better chance of rain on tuesday this is kay nss meteorologist steve hamilton currently in wichita mostly cloudy in eighty four degrees knx says news now i'm deb campbell so the obama administration had frog tencent purposes the same exact policies policy did you ever hear obama called hitler did you ever hear any of obama's people called racists did you ever hear the media go out attack that administration demanding to see the detention centers mark levin though you did though you did they all existed evenings at fine just happened under trump on ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty s s wichitas number one talk handel on the law dates you develop a thyroid cancer as a direct result of what the doctor did or did not do well suzanne where'd you go to medical school i know no better than a doctor you know better than him you actually stand in front of a judge saying i don't care what that doctor says i know better than he does actually think you're going to say that handle on the law saturday afternoons from three until six on ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty s s i will nominate judge brett cavenaugh.

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