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And we saw from the pacers in the first round against the cavs last year they might be a team that takes leave milwaukee's going to actually have a coach they could be a team that takes a leap it is entirely possible the next year which you talk about in the east is how the easiest better like i think somebody talked about the last the last four years of all nba teams or something like that basically all those guys except for to play in the west right now yeah those are the teams that past let's see what the nba teams look like in the future because it me names you're gonna see on their simmons in bead irving right like all these guys play for boston attend to kupu this there's a lot of future in the east the question needs to be asked is how was it that the west managed to be so much better than the east all this time was there something in there that you could bill you know try to work around to prevent something like this because it's the strangest thing in the world at one conference there's no reason why one should have been so much better than the other okay one reason this season the west end head better weather we know you can't be on top of all the news information of the day no need for the social media feeds we got you now if you haven't heard money story number one of the day comes from the transportation industry this is amy held from npr so have you flown coach lately what is up with those eighty bitty seats flyers rights which says it's the biggest nonprofit passenger advocacy group called sardine seats and it seems like they really are getting tighter the group says since nineteen seventy eight seats have moved three inches closer together and it's happening as americans are moving the other way growing wider gaining weight well the group says we don't have to take this sitting down they've petitioned the federal aviation administration to do something about it namely to regulate seat size and pitch that's what we know as legroom the faa rejected it but the case has made its way to the us court of appeals which last year ordered the faa to revisit the issue from a safety perspective see flyers right says it's not just a comfort issue or a discomfort issue the tiny seats are actually dangerous how can somebody wedged in evacuate in an emergency well last week the faa shoot its decision and said no we're not going to regulate seat size and spacing because it's not a safety issue the administration says it's done tests which show that even a larger passenger takes just a couple of seconds to get out of their seat but this may not be the final word flyers right says provided there's enough public support they may file an appeal by next month meantime passengers will stay scrunched first of all she said have you flown coach lately i was like actually don't tell me more boy tell we was going on at the back of the plate unaware well let me tell you about what it's like sitting i was on a plane couple months ago and in pretty let me tell you that much look at all i'm saying they'll nobody be bad to say that because clearly you understand why don't fly coach of six four bet kid i started fly first class for work and they one day i wound up back and coach and it was so miserable i was just like never get like row thirty it was like some short flight to and i was like nah homey i can't even play his game know so yeah i got myself got up out to coach game but here's what here's what i think the problem is when you buy planting is what is the number one factor that you base your decision maybe schedule and then price the i think most people have price number one i think pe people willing to wake up at four o'clock in the morning to say seventy five dollars on fair and look i don't blame them because they need us any fahd dollars right but as long as people are simply booking the least expensive flight then the airline has no incentive to improve your experience because the decision that people seem to have made and their behavior bears this out is i'm willing to endure all these inconveniences for a couple of hours like people are willing to put up with what you have to.

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