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Here is a Heisman Trophy winner like a Carson Palmer or an Archie Griffin or a job or a but ultimately, after a period of time you become Bengal ized. You begin to anticipate something, boy. I didn't see that coming. What in that look and Joe Burrows eyes after the game. The look and the interviews after the game, the OSI when it happened, That's the Bangles way. I don't know how it's gonna happen. But I was sucked in about 7 15 7 20 thinking, okay? Hear that Bengal roar by here we go Brand new and the same stuff happened. That has happened for the past 52 years and nothing changes. Am I am I am I too premature in my condemnation. I think your premature in your condo condemnation of what may happen moving forward. I think you are being completely fair. If you say look yesterday, felt like every other heartbreaking lost the franchise has has made us endure. I I tend to it was it was a gut punch, and it was heartbreaking and that this team is going to even have a remote chance of contending for a playoff spot. That's the game you have to win. Your defense, for the most part does its job. You have a chance in the fourth quarter? I know. Home field advantage isn't quite isn't even close to what it usually is in the NFL. But you're playing at home against the team that offensively is very, very limited. And you've got a chance like you've gotta win that game, and you can't lose that game because of the mistakes. Joe Borough made a a rookie mistake an interception on a shovel pass. In all my years of watching football. I think I've seen interceptions on shovel passes, maybe three times. That's that to me that mistake that's going to be an outlier. That's not going to be the kind of thing that I think we associate with with job. Er. What if each angle on what if he is that look in his eye? One of his cars. This is what happens. Well, time will tell you about the over about a J. Green touchdown rise. How about that? But by Joe's own admission, the overthrow a J. Green on a on a ball that should have been a touchdown. He even said after the game. That's a throw that a high school quarterback makes. He's got to make that throw. And I'm willing to bet that over time he will. He will make that throw. Joe Burro was uneven yesterday. I can handle that Rookie quarterbacks are going to be uneven. What was frustrating? Was watching Bobby Heart try to block for the right side of this offensive line is a problem, And it was a problem against the team yesterday in the Chargers that have a very good pass rush. It's going to be an immense problem moving forward and that that concerns me. Um, the jury is out on Zack Taylor. But this is a year where we're judging Zach Taylor. Zach Taylor ran the ball on 2nd and 10. I believe four times yesterday. Think one of them was a second and nine. I'd like to see a little bit more aggressiveness. And perhaps as Joe Burrow becomes more comfortable, we start to see a little bit more aggressiveness. Um But, yeah, I mean, look until they win games consistently. Ah, the You know the the insinuation that it's the same old Bangles. It's going to be hard to combat and you are ultimately going to prove You are going to prove people wrong. The brand of this franchise. We heard it all winter long before the draft. Why would burrow want to go there? Right? Why would a guy want to go play for the Bangles? Right? You're going to be Bengal ized. It's up to him and them to prove people wrong and losing a game like yesterday's is certainly not going to help in that effort. And Joe Mixon is not a fumbler. But he fumbles the ball bounces a certain way. And who recovers it. Nick Vigil. Ah, former former Bengal correct You can't make it up. I mean, I'm looking at this ever everywhere I look, I see. Oh, this is the bank Ryan Clark just shook his head after the game and said, Well, that's the bank Lets move on. I'm looking at there's something even I was sucked in for, like 10 minutes. The shovel pass the recovery fumble. The overthrows the matter door right side of the Bengals line. They're like Spanish matadors. Here comes the Joey Bosa and all these other guys and then the cramp and the non kicking like that was the key moment. Bullet is 24 of 24. He's not Mr Field goal inside the fort. It is a chip shot soon as that was said. All right, the cramp in the left leg and he Bangles lives, and I've seen it for 52 years. Nothing changes now quickly about the Reds in the big 10. The Reds. I've analyzed that they have 13 games left. If they get the nine and four there'll be 500. Which means they've got a sweet Pittsburgh when 203 from Milwaukee, two out of three from the White Sox are at home were really good. Then two out of three in Minnesota and my being suckered again. I don't think so. I think you outlined what they have to do. And that starts with this four game series at home against the Pirates, which begins with two games today. I think it's it's it's at the bare minimum. They have to win three out of these next four, and frankly, if we're really going to talk about this team's chances, sweet. I think there's think there's two things that would help a sweep. The Pittsburgh Pirates be The Cardinals and Brewers are going to play each other five times this week. We need one team to win all those games. I mean, those are the two teams ahead of Cincinnati, and, frankly, I think there's too many teams to leapfrog to really talk about them getting the last wild card spot. You're trying to catch somebody in this division. I think the first thing that has to happen is we have to hope that the Reds take care of business this week against Pittsburgh, Cardinals and Brewers play a double header today and another one on Wednesday. Cardinals missed all those games because of covert 19, and they're going to play a game today. I think I think the Cardinals and Brewers are going to play nine times between now and next, son. Somebody needs to sweep all nine. That's it. I think I think you need one team to win and an abundance of those games. And obviously the Reds have toe to take care of business. I worry about them being able to do do it now without Sonny Gray. I give them some credit to a degree yesterday because You lose that game on Saturday night? This team hasn't won a Siri's since early August, You're down to a to a cardinal's team that is wiped the floor with you. In recent years. You've got the bad news about Sonny Gray. You're trailing Ah, 5 to 3 in the middle innings. And then you have this offensive onslaught. Andrew Miller had the wheels fall off, swore as it's a homer. Aquino hits a homer and they don't want to say they pick themselves up off the mat. But but there are at least that would have been a knockout blow. I think it would have been hard at this team a 2027 to really talk about their playoff chances with any amount of seriousness, and I still think it's really hard to do that, but If they can take care of business against a bad team that last weekend the weekend prior, they only won two out of four against then we could talk about their chances over the last nine games. What if the Bangles played the Reds?.

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