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Others are better you guys doing a nice job. I'm WGN king. John on Facebook. You can put them there. WGN King John on Facebook. There's a bunch of of we do not have the music on the page because it's a Facebook post, but you can write your own. Twenty eight till music place. Three two one hit it. Twenty eighteen was dentist. Visit without novacaine. Thanks next. Twenty eighteen twenty eighteen twenty eighteen was a dentist visit without novacaine. Thanks next. I love that. There you go. There's no there's they're all their WGN King John on Facebook. John about hitting pause before you hit send Tim clue the very funny and talented, Tim clue says, that's brilliant. And we should all try and keep that in mind. Hit pause before you hit send on almost any format about changing the name of the Dan Ryan to the Barack Obama. Hey, John who the heck is Edens? I don't know who the heck Edens is so we look that up too. Because you know, so we do William g Edens expressway opened in nineteen fifty one the Edens. Which is of course, what's at route ninety north of the city heading up north. Ninety ninety four and that, you know, it splits, and then it's ninety when it splits right about that. Yeah. Opened in nineteen fifty one was named after William g Edens banker known as a pioneer of paved roads in Illinois. He was part of the good roads movement, and Illinois imagine that we were the pioneers of the good roads movement. When did we get off that road, which culminated in the state's first highway bond issue in nineteen eighteen how about them apples? The Kennedy was opened in nineteen sixty as the northwest expressway. But was renamed three years later for the thirty fifth president shortly after he was assassinated, you've got the Ike after white Eisenhower in one thousand nine hundred fifty five Dan Ryan opened in one thousand nine hundred sixty one and was named after Dan Bryan junior. Who is the president of the Cook County board of commissioners? He died in office that year and his wife, ruby served out his term, and she was on the board that was among the commissioners who voted to approve the name change. I sense a conflict of interest half. Thank you for your service. So sorry you died. I'm not sure your wife should decide if we named a road after you, the Kingery expressway opened in one thousand nine hundred fifty is the tri-state highway was named in one thousand nine hundred eighty three for Robert Kingery, the former director of the state's department of public works and the general manager of the Chicago regional planning association. You've got the Jane Addams, the Nobel prize winner, founder of whole house at les. Stevenson, we need Adly badly the Bishop Louis Henry Ford freeway opened in one thousand nine hundred fifty was the Colleen expressway, it was renamed in one thousand nine hundred eighty six for the Chicago religious activists Bishop Ford, the founder and pastor of Saint Paul church of God in Christ in Chicago is the only Chicago area expressway whose name includes a person's title, the Bishop Ford. Mary Mitchell wrote about that in the Tribune the other day and noted that that was politically advantageous for mayor Daley to oversee that when he was running for reelection. There's the Jane burn interchange. Poor Jane Byrne, she deserves better than that. Frank borman. Ronald Reagan among the names of the roads that we honor people within Chicago, should we do Brock Obama the same favor. I don't hope you ever honor me that way. But should we do Brock Obama that? That's the news click it WGN radio dot com. Vote with your mouse, tell us yes. Or no to that. Let's see here. John who the heck is he didn't think we answer that? I was. Going to talk a little bit about with you the Louis CK controversy today paying attention to that. So Louis C K a couple of weeks ago did a show about an hour long. Stand up. Where's Louis CK, Ben really kind of been in hiding? But now he's back. So there's a forty eight minute audio recording of CK that surfaced Sunday on YouTube. It was described as a set delivered. December sixteenth at governors comedy club in levittown. CK starts the set by noting that he's had a rough time in the last fourteen months since multiple women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment and misconduct. CK acknowledged the truth of the claims made in a New York Times expose November of twenty seventeen. And then he goes onto so so his attitude, in fact, he pretty much says what are you gonna do take away? My birthday my life is over. I don't give a bleep. So now he's back up on stage. And if ever you worried that you'd say something politically incorrect, and it would damage your career that ship has sailed on Louis CK. He said that in a day. He lost thirty five million dollars. Exactly what that means. But he lost a lot of money as a result of his losing contracts and endorsements and shows and so forth. So he's he's out. So now, he doesn't care. I mean, if you thought he was vain or or profane before now, it's Louis CK unleashed. It's a whole new Louis C K, or it's it's it's Louis your let's put it that way. And so, you know, he talks about the sort of things that he might have in the past. I guess the LGBT community the Florida high school shooting and the students who found celebrity status sense gays, his doctor who's gay every ethnic brand there is at cetera et cetera..

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